Clever vaccination incentives

They seem to know the demographic they need to reach. I hope it works.

If you read the rest of the story, the non-firearms incentives are pretty impressive:

All the incentives in my area seem to be for people not previously vaccinated. This makes lots of logical sense but I find I’m feeling faintly grumbly about it anyway. I want a chance at winning the lottery without buying any tickets!

Then I remind myself firmly that ‘almost certainly not winding up on a ventilator’ is a pretty good incentive in itself.

Which is doubly funny when you consider that ‘almost certainly not winning that lottery’ is a pretty nil incentive. But that’s the one these idjits are responding to.

Hawaii has launched a vaccination incentive prize drawing with some serious prizes. See here. Open to everyone who has had at least one shot by the end of this month and no matter how long ago you were vaccinated. The wife and I both entered our names yesterday.

The incentive system in my province is “Everyone please get vaccinated.”

Seems to be working. :slightly_smiling_face:

You people are just too damn nice! :sunglasses:

Actually, our province (@Northern_Piper and I are both from Saskatchewan) is likely to end up with the lowest vaccination rate in the country, at least according to the latest polling. We’re currently at about 64% of eligible people with one shot and the first shot rate is slowing, though that’s partly because the focus has just finally shifted to the delayed second shots. I would estimate that we’re likely to get to about 75% of eligible people vaccinated. Some other provinces are likely to get rather higher than that.

Also, our incentive system isn’t just “please get vaccinated.” There are staged relaxation of covid regulations tied to specific demographics hitting vaccination targets.

That’s what I meant by “please get vaccinated” - the Gov’t setting out the timetable for the re-opening tied to vax rates. I’ve not seen employers or restaurants offering any incentives like some of the others in this thread. Maybe I’m just oblivious. :blush:

As to vax rates, we’ve consistently been in the top rate for usage of vaccine doses that have arrived. I’ve noticed a bit of slippage there the past couple weeks compared to some provinces, but I’m optimistic.

And, I’m posting this while in the “after-effects” section for the drive-through - just got my second dose and waiting the 20 minutes.

So, one more in the fully vaxxed category.

Just took 30 minutes this time, instead of the several hours for the first one.

Thank you and congratulations!

Just have to get Mrs P and the Cub done now v

Province of Manitoba is giving financial incentives to get vaxxed:

I have Federal retiree BCBS, and today I got an email that they were offering an incentive to those who had vaccinated. So I went to their website, provided the necessary info (including photos of both sides of my vaccination card), and was told that I would be receiving a payment within seven days.

Provincial health authority is sending out letters to all households where they believe there is at least one person who has not yet been vaccinated:

Someone else posted this in another thread:

Boston is jumping on the lottery bandwagon so I have a chance to get rich!

This would certainly get people’s attention.

Unvaccinated in Pakistan? You might lose your cellphone service.

Concerned about the slow pace of coronavirus vaccinations, the Pakistani authorities have decided to take drastic measures, including blocking people’s cellphone service in two provinces and suspending the salaries of some government employees who have not been vaccinated.

They say the measures are needed to address deep skepticism about Covid-19 vaccines, and about inoculations more broadly.

I didn’t think we’d do it but I’m glad we are. And I like that we’re not starting it immediately, giving the reluctant time to get shotted up to be eligible.

Having my kid have a $300k college scholarship would be great if I don’t win (I won’t win).

Re the vaccine lottery, specifically the California one:

It’s been awhile, so I don’t really remember filling out the online forms prior to getting my vaccine at CVS. How would they contact me if I won a lottery drawing? If by phone, I had better keep checking my silenced calls so I don’t miss one from an unknown caller. I heard that two California winners already lost out because they couldn’t be contacted!