CNN Crossfire

Who was the heavy set guy on Friday evening?
He looked like a journalist who used to work for the Arkansas Gazette and did some local TV stuff.

Don’t know. But I liked his commentary and I enjoyed his remark about the guys (Tucker?) bow tie.
I emailed the WPost b/c I think they shouldn’t cover the President’s kids. Seems wrong to me. Sorry no help. Someone that is “all-knowing” will be along in a few.

Can’t give you the answer. Can only say that…

No, I’m not ulra-conservative. I don’t have a bow-tie fetish. There’s just something about him.

Him and the guy from the Holiday Inn commercials.

BTW…The hubby has a huge crush on Laurie Dhue, which means we watch a lot of Fox and I don’t get to see Tucker near as much as I’d like to.

I’m sorry to hear that.
The man is an ass.

My wife thinks he’s “cute” in the Hugh Grant category. Not a hunk, just cute.

I don’t like the bowtie. It’s a gimmick, just like Ashley Banfield’s glasses.

The guy was listed as a former “Democratic Consultant.” I got the feeling he was a consultant for Gore’s election campaign, but I could be wrong.

I think John Brummet is the guy I remember. He’d be about 20 years older, so I’m not sure. He sounds like him.

The only time Tucker Carlson was worth watching was when he was on C-SPAN when they aired the annual “DC’s Funniest Celebrity” competition from some local bar.

He was skunk-faced drunk, little drinkie in hand, sans bowtie, and telling a really lame joke about the Seven Dwarves going to the Vatican to meet the Pope.

He wasn’t the only drunk Beltway personality on that night, but he proved he really is an ass.