Coachella music festival

This festival is supposedly one of the bigger concerts in the world.
I am embarrassed to say that I live about 20 miles from where it took place over the weekend, but I had to work so couldn’t go anyway. Just wondering if anyone went, any opinions on who was performing, etc. - there were some big names like Oasis, Bjork, Prodigy, The Strokes, but also some pretty-good “no name”
bands as well. Would love to hear if anyone got to go.

I love Coachella.

DJ Dan played my favorite set of the weekend.

Prodigy rocked. Siousxie disappointed. Loved Chemical Brothers. Only caught a little bit of the Strokes. Missed Bjork :(. I spent most of the time dancing in the Sahara tent.

Beautiful location. Fun people. Great music. Peerfect weather.

Did Bugs ever make it there?

Nah. He only goes to the Coachella Valley for the Carrot Festival.

On his way to Pismo Beach.