Cobra Kai discussion (Spoilers)

I just finished the season and all of this. Not to mention, another brawl in the season finale? S1 ended perfectly in an All Valley tournament. These constant all out brawls just completely suspend disbelief to me (though the Johnny vs Kreese fight with LaRusso joining in was). I’m glad we are getting back to tournament next season.

Started watching it because a friend who is obsessed wouldn’t stop bugging me about it.

It’s incredibly cheesy. Over the top, so.

My main gripe is that almost every encounter between people ends in one of two ways: a fight or someone walking away in a huff before explaining everything or listening to someone explain everything.

This series has more easily-cleared-up misunderstandings than 10 seasons-worth of “Three’s Company.”

Christ, I"m always yelling at the screen “JUST EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED!” Or “JUST LISTEN FOR TEN MORE SECONDS!”

No he isn’t. He bullies children.

I do like the series, cheesiness and all, but they do need to finish it as S4. I am honestly surprised the topic could carry us so far, and I agree that the constant assault and B&E does get over the top.
Awesome interaction with Ali, even though it took them a long-ass time to get there. Also th trip to Japan was more fun than I imagined and well played.
The Kreese flashbacks did nothing for me. I still don’t get the point, the neither made him more relatable nor more badass or anything. They have a hard time pretending for Mr. Kove to be an actual fighter, so I would really prefer they stepped away from that.

Yeah. I think one of the things the show has done the best is step back a bit from “daniel is the pure hero, Johnny is the evil villain” into some shades of gray, without trying to both-sides-ism it so that they’re equal people. Daniel is a better person in nearly every way than Johnny, but Johnny does have some genuinely good qualities, and he’s a much better person than he was in high school (as are many people).

Johnny is also entertaining as heck to watch, while Daniel can be a tad boring, but they’re always fun together.