Inspired by the creativity shown by the TM in trying to help rastahomie learn to drink, I think we should compile a list of favorite mixed drinks (including any special instructions for preparation, of course). This is partially for my own benefit as I’m a college student just discovering the pleasures of cocktails.

My favorite recent discovery is what we call a “Moscow bobsled”: vodka and chocolate milk. Sorta girly, I know, but it just goes down so easy.

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Rum And Coke

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Vodka and Grapefruit Juice.
Loaded with Vitaman C so you can build yourself up while you tear yourself down.

sorry to be off topic,
but keystream, whats up with your roommate situation?

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Don’t worry, chief, it’s cool being off topic.

Well, we’re both staying right where we are. It’s fairly horrific, but there are no openings on campus for anyone in a double, thanks to the fact that this year we have the largest freshman class ever and there are still people who want to be de-tripled. But I’m in a better state of mind about it; I think I’ve progressed to the point where most of it is funny.

As far as him taking advantage, that’s pretty much fixed. We had what I like to call a “discussion” and have some more groundrules. He’s not that bad a guy, I don’t think, just a complete idiot. A lot of the stuff bothers me because I don’t like him anyway, and, in recognizing that, I can let it slide a lot easier.

But I mean to post the latest collection of amusing and/or enraging stories in the Pit in the near future. I’ll put it together during finals study breaks.

I drink rum and Coke the most often because it’s the only drink I feel confident enough to mix in my own home :slight_smile: But when I go out, it’s usually a strawberry daquiri, strawberry maguarita, or Long Island ice tea (pronounced “Lon Gisland” ice tea since that episode of Night Court where… nevermind, I’ve said too much).

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Kahlua Cream: It’s just as easy as it sounds. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes, pour Kahlua halfway up, fill the rest with cream (plain ol’ milk will do the trick.) If you add vodka, it turns into a White Russian.

Sex on the Beach: I’m not sure what all goes into it, but it’s easy to drink.

And the best shot ever, the Lemon Drop. Vodka and a slice of sugared lemon.

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My winter drink is a Wild Turkey old-fashioned–a sugar cube and a few drops of water, a dash of bitters, a cherry and an orange slice–muddle them all together, then fill the glass with ice, then Wild Turkey, then a splash of club soda. Yum. But you have to like Wild Turkey.

For warm weather, either Absolut and tonic with lime or a Painkiller:

four parts pineapple juice
one part cream of coconut
one part orange juice
two,three or four ounces of rum
lots of ice
lots of nutmeg on top.

I thought this was about drinks, not desserts.

Rusty Nail - 3 parts Scotch, 1 part Drambuie.
(Never mind how big the “parts” are.)

If you want to get fancy, this is as far as I go:

Manhattan - 2 oz Bourbon, 1 oz Sweet Vermouth, 1 dash Bitters, 1 cherry.
(The Rye/Canadian variant is acceptable, but certainly not preffered.)


ChrisCTP said

It’s actually pretty easy:
equal parts Vodka and Peach Schnapps
then top off w/ orange and cranberry juices

Besides the standard rum and cokes (or diet coke, in my case), I like different flavored rums - Captain Morgan’s Spiced, Bacardi Limon, and Malibu Coconut. Those are all pretty yummy.

Another good mixed drink is the Madras, it’s vodka, orange, and cranberry juice.

I’d recommend that anyone that doesn’t like vodka tonics or screwdrivers try them w/ Absolut or another decent vodka. Cheap vodka is evil.

Of course, my preference is shots of Jameson’s, but it sure isn’t for everyone.

And yes, I’m still on the wagon :slight_smile:

I second the Madras recommendation. Last night, I third and fourth and fifth and sixthed the Madras recommendation. This was probably not a good idea :frowning:

I like Blue Hawaiians too - rum or vodka (I prefer it with rum), curacao, and pineapple juice. If you don’t mind people asking you all night “What is that?”

And of course, the ever popular amaretto sour.

Jim Beam and Coke.

For a smooth ride to oblivion - Gimlets.

In cocktail shaker mix
4 parts gin
1 part Rose’s concentrated Lime juice
crushed ice

Shake & strain into an old-fashoined glass.

Can substitute vodka or tequila for gin, or use 5:1 ratio for a drier drink.

For more than you ever need to know, here’s a site:

Sue from El Paso

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Forgot to mention Licor 43 with lime juice.

I appreciate a good Kamikaze often
1 parts Vodka (preferably Absolut)and one part Lemon bitters in a iced martini glass with a lime twist. Its a real art to balance perfect so as to not make it tour sour or too sweet. I consider it a mark of a good bartender

Also a good Hammerhead though only when I am not driving. Basically its a industrial strength Mai Tai served in a pail with straws. Yes a real pail. Its the signature drink of a place called Sloppy Joes. Can anyone attest to drinking one completly alone?

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In the olden days, when I could still drink more than 1 without falling asleep:

Fallen Angel - don’t remember what all went into it but it was pretty potent stuff - may still be in one of those “Old Mr. Boston” cocktail books you see in liquor stores.

Stinger - Brandy & white Creme de Menthe

Now that my intake is more modest, I limit myself to quality stuff such as Cognac, Single Malt Scotch, OLD OLD Bourbon, all taken neat.

In the summer perhaps a vodka & cranberry juice.

Fuzzy Navel. The ultimate “Wuss” drink.

The BuzzBomb, a drink of my own creation:

1 can Mountain Dew
1 shot Tequila
Serve on the rocks in a salted glass

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

The perfect drink for college lightweights:

Hawaiian Punch frozen concentrate diluted with rum rather than water.

Prairie Fire: tequila and tabasco (the odd thing is, both horrible ingredients sort of cancel each other out so that it’s drinkable).