Cod you feel it?

First, there was evidence that dirt may give people a “happy boost.”

Now, it looks like cod liver oil may fight depression.
Side effects: Haddock, lose crappie, walleye, and strange smelts.

So no more perching on the ledge?

I think these guys are talking out of their bass.

But can they tuna piano?

It’s worth a try. For the halibut.

There’s a time and plaice for carping, everyone.

You can always count on them to trout out a new remedy for what ails you.

Oh, ack!
You guys are doing this on porpoise!

You people are starting to flounder for puns like a low rent clown[sup]*[/sup].

On a more serious note, I was fed that stuff daily when I was a kid. And I was just weird enough to like it. It tasted like molasses and brewer’s yeast.

[sub]* fish.[/sub]

You guys aren’t just fishing for compliments, you are trying to lure them out of hiding. This wounds me to my alba-core.

The thread is floundering, lost its sole and all your basses are belong to us.


OK, everyone - scallop it up or I’ll have to whale on you.



Eel do it, too!

I’m not normally a piker, but the outlook is bleak and I think I’ll have to get my skates on; this isn’t the time to flex my pun mussels. I’m a stickler for good humour but it seems like some people are prepared to stickle back, and I’ve had that to the gills, I wouldn’t take any more if you offered me a fin for it. I was prepared to float a good line or two but I only made a rod for my own back, I mean, I’m pretty fly but I’m reeling now and it’s time to either hook it or at least say a quick paternoster and worm my way into a little credit in the cosmic ledger (or the scales of judgment, if you prefer).