Coffee/Tea Poll: UK/Ireland Edition

Please answer in this utterly un-scientific and utterly pointless poll ONLY if you drink coffee and/or tea. There will be no option for “I don’t drink either.”

Poll to follow.

You didn’t have an option for “I drink both, but rarely” so I went with “I drink them both equally”. It’s true, but my answer might not quite be in the spirit of your question.

I drink mostly tea in the winter. It gives me that warm, toasty feeling.

I drink coffee mostly in the summer. Generally iced coffee since it’s hot as blazes around here. And when all the kids are home from school I need more energy.

Coffee mostly, tea rarely. Always black, no sugar.

Coffee multiple times a day, tea maybe once or twice a year. Coffee black, two sugars, tea white, no suger.

Coffee I drink two of three cups a day, one when I wake up, the others during work. Milk & sugar.

Tea I drink late in the evening, with my wife, usually a bit after dinner.

Get up, have an Americano, black, no sugar. Then another one.

Go to work, usually my assistant makes a pot of coffee; sometimes he offers tea. I am easy as to which one I have.

Coffee after lunch, then mid-afternoon I often have a nice cup of tea.

When I get home I have another Americano unless I’m unwinding with beer. Sometimes, later in the evening, I’ll have a tea.

Coffee is a necessity; tea is a comfort.

Tea, almost exclusively. I’ll have a coffee once in a while.

Are you from Tel Aviv, Somerset or Tel Aviv, Co. Tipperary? :wink:

Mostly tea. I really only drink coffee at work, and then not often (maybe three cups a week), mostly because their tea is so excruciating. I like good coffee; I drink it on holiday, and I’ll get a Starbucks or something occasionally. But I couldn’t live without tea. English, of (immediate) Irish descent, if that helps with your poll!