Coke Flavors: Likes or Dislikes?

I love Cherry Coke. Haven’t tried the diet Cherry Coke yet as only a few carry it, and even then, it’s in 2L bottles. Vanilla (diet or regular) is close to cream soda, but the cola flavor lags behind as an aftertaste. Lemon diet coke starts out ok, but I find the lemon flavor takes over after a few gulps - turning me off to lemon diet coke. Anyone else wish to add to this?

Also, someone please tell the Coca-Cola Co. that all their Barq’s products are awesome! Two thumbs up! - Jinx

I agree with all of the flavors. Cherry is my favorite; it’s a great combination.

I love cherry coke but i think cherry pepsi is better from the fountain but i wish they’d sell the cherry coke in the one liter bottles

But the dennys here makes the best cherry coke as they mix the flavorings by hand

Vanilla is ok and I havent tried lemon … But I dont think theres much more they can add to coke for flavorings tho

Cherry, vanilla, and chocolate Coke taste so infinitely much better when you order them at a soda fountain and the flavor is added in by hand. Chocolate Coke, with big clumps of chocolate syrup swirling around in the bottom of the glass and occasionally getting caught up in the straw, is one of God’s special gifts to his favorite children.

UK Coke flavours taste completely different to US COke flavours.

My favourite UK Coke flavours are cherry (diet cherry is good too), diet lemon, and regular diet. I’m not too keen on regular (non-diet) as they tend to be too sweet.

Other sodas of choice: rootbeer and DrPepper.

I don’t drink the non-diet flavors, but Diet Vanilla is the only flavored coke I care for. The lemon tasted like furniture polish to me.

Flavored iced tea now, mmmm.

I agree that the diet lemon Coke (US) tastes like Pledge to me. It was nasty.

Lemon coke tastes and smells like washing up liquid. I have only had vanilla once (a few scattered newsagents in the uk have it) and it was yummy! although it is, basically glorified cream soda. I love cherry too.

I didn’t know you could get chocolate flavour! ooooo we don’t get anything fun in England!!!

I love Cherry Coke–it’s probably in my Top 10 Carbonated Beverages of All Time–but Vanilla Coke is just horrible. I can’t even get through a whole can of the stuff. Haven’t had the Lemon flavored yet, or the chocolate. Pepsi’s version, Pepsi Twist, is pretty good, in my opion, and Wild Cherry Pepsi’s pretty good too. Anything Diet tastes like it’s been injected with liquid styrofoam, so I can’t venture my opinion there.

I love Lemon Diet Coke (US version), in fact I am drinking one right now. I had the UK version once and thought it was horrible, though.

I didn’t like Vanilla Coke much, and I find that Cherry Coke is much too sweet.

Yes I’d have to pick Cherry Coke. I’m really more partial to Mountain Dew which is a Pepsi product, tho. :smiley:

At Epcot Center they have this coke thing with a bunch of different coke flavors from around the world you can sample for free. Some of them were pretty good like the watermelon one, and others were just miserable. But if you are ever there and don’t feel like spending 6 bucks for a drink at the concessions, just head to the coke place and keep on filling up the small cup they give you.

I love the Diet Vanilla Coke, hate the Diet Lemon Coke and haven’t tried Diet Cherry Coke.

Addicted to Diet Vanilla Coke – drinking one right now, as a matter of fact.

Love Cherry Coke as well, and plain ol regular Diet Coke.

No lemon, no way, no how.

Johnny Rocket’s makes a mean Chocolate Coke :slight_smile:

Lemon and Vanilla cokes are nasty. Adding sliced lemon to Coke is delicious.

Coke should come out with a diet version that tastes like Pepsi Blue.

I hate Lemon Coke, it tastes like Pledge smells. I like Lemon Pepsi, though. I also love Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. Those two are really good combined, too.

I have to agree that Lemon Coke is rancid…really does taste like Pledge.
In the old days, before Diet Coke, I used to like Cherry Coke, but only from the old soda fountain days…the new ones are a bit chinzy with the cherry flavor.

I will stick with plain old Diet Coke.

At a bar I used to go to in Berlin, frequented by French soldiers, they used to drink Coke mixed with red wine…very icky, but maybe you have to get used to it.

Has anyone been to Coke World in Las Vegas? They used to have a Coke fountain that had unlimited samples of all of the different Coke products from around the world. (Sadly, they don’t have the Coke fountain anymore.) Anyway, there was a Coke product from Italy (I believe) called Beverly that tasted like what I’d imagine putrified stomach acid might taste like. Mature adults that we are, my friends and I spent an enjoyable hour or so talking to each other in stage whispers about how tasty Beverly was. Of course, everyone who heard us ran over and filled up their cup. The look on their faces when they took a bug gulp, only to gag and spit it out was priceless! Good times!