College Dopers: Post here when you're done.

I’ve just come from finally turning in the albatross around my neck, my senior thesis. I am celebrating with McMuffins. It’s time now for a week of relaxation (B.S.; I have to clean my apartment so my mother doesn’t kill me) until graduation on May 5th. Yes, I know we finish abnormally early. This is not the wonderful thing it seems, as it cut into our summer vacations on the other end of the year due to the fact that starting early is needed to end early.

So, college Dopers: post here when you’re done with the semester. We’ll have a kegger like we did last year. Partaaaaaay or something.

New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico

My last final is next Monday, May 6th, at 1:30!!!

Senior year, 6 weeks to go. Working on my senior thesis as we speak (it’s actually open in another window right now!). Can’t wait to get this thing written and move on to law school.

One paper (also open in another window, and getting nowhere fast),
one final to go! Paper due Wednesday, final on the 9th (and since I
am Pass/Failing the class, it does not weight too heavily on my mind)
and then Graduation on the 23rd!!

Holy Schnikes!

I finished my final project for one class this morning, then took two back to back finals, but now I’m done for the semester.

Kegger? I’m there!

I’ll be done on the 9th, and I’ll certainly raise a glass to the hardworking people on that date.

Two weeks from thursday and not only am I done with this hellish semester, but also with this hellish school. I am transferring to NCSU and will be done with Greensboro forever.

Please dont’ have a kegger while I’m trying to sleep. I’m still drunk from the last one…

make flup not war

I’ll remember to repost here in one year when I really finish :smiley:

Last day of the semester, May 10th. Like hello32499, I’m not really calling myself “done”, though. One year to go, and then I’m really done.

Senior project is done, mostly printed, and due May 1.

After that, two classes (with minimal homework) till May 22, and BAMF

I’m really not partying, though by all rights I should be. I have to clean my house.

I’m not cleaning it, but I’m satisfying myself by saying “I have to.”

Let’s see, one complete waste of a final tomorrow (May 1) night, then I’m done for this semester. :smiley:

Really, it is a complete waste of time. Open book, open notes. Extremely simple UNIX stuff, like what does a script with ‘ls -la’ in it do? Arrrrgh. The only reason to do it is so that you won’t get a bad grade (for this, ‘bad’ is a B or under) in the class.

So, I can bring the pretzels: either the hard ones coated with yummy seasonings or soft ones to pop in the micro. Who’s bringing the soda?

<< I forgot what I was going to say here. >>

I just sat my last exam of the penultimate year of my B.A. (Linguistics) at McGill University!

Yesterday, Hamish wrote his last exam of his degree :smiley:

Man, I finished my last exam April 18th. And we don’t start that early, either: Frosh week is the week of Labour Day, and classes start the week after. Ah…12 week semesters :slight_smile:

But I’m not graduating yet. I have another year and a half to go, although that still means I graduate a semester early :slight_smile:

Graduating with my BS in Computer Science on May 9th. Man, 3 years never lasted so long… still have 2 finals to take (one tomorrow and one on the 7th) and 2 big nasty “final project” programs to finish.

After that I’m going to sit around in my underwear with a remote control and a bag of cheesy poofs for a few months.


Heh. Kids these days.

I walked out of my last final exam thinking, “Wow, I’m done. I swear by all that’s holy I will never go to school again!” I figured I was done with the hard part, and would just go on with my new career. Everything was going to be biscuits and gravy.

Two years later, I was in grad school. At night. After work.

Just you wait.

Ugh… I’m jealous of you people who are finishing. I still have until June 6th before I’m out of Santa Cruz for good - but hell, I’m not even done with midterms! Course I’m not really finishing - just transferring (Cornell) next year. Three more years for me! Now if only I were studying for that Phonetics midterm instead of being here…


Last day of class was today. However, I have 2 finals on May 9.

Whatever. Time to visit the SO and hang out.

And I’m wasted right now.

Last final’s on May 10th. Going to the beach for a week after that (with booze and fireworks being the primary activity), and then it’s graduation. It’s about time!