College Football 2013 Week 2

The feature games this week are SCar @ Georgia, and ND-Michigan. I think GA bounces back from the road loss @Clemson to beat Scar, and I’m picking ND over Michigan.

I don’t Georgia bouncing back so much as not being able to afford another loss. From Preseason#5 to 0-2? Has anyone done that since the '89 'Noles (and they were #6)? Anywhere, the Dawgs win between the hedges.

But I think Michigan beats the Irish. Probably a close game, but the Wolverines want this one more, I think.

Truth be told, I hope they both lose. ::cool:

After just missing the BCS Championship game in 2006, the 2007 Michigan team started the preseason #5, but then lost to Appalachian State and Oregon during Dennis Dixon’s premier year (until the injury). Michigan still recovered to 9-4 capped with a bowl victory over the Florida Gators and fresh Heisman winner Tim Tebow.

For this week, Michigan over Notre Dame and Georgia over South Carolina. Winning on the road is tough and both home teams have losses to motivate them (Mich. last year to ND, Geor. last week to Clem.).

ACC might not be the SEC Whipping boys that they usually are. Clemson with a big win over UGA last week and Miami beat the Gators today!

Only two weeks into the season and the SEC has played UNC, CLEM, MIA, Va Tech, OK St, TCU already, plus some key conference games.

Of course the SEC Bashers won’t remember this when the SEC plays their homecoming games in October and early November.

Much better scheduling than the other conferences IMO.

Georgia looked pretty good on that last drive. Burned about 8:30 off the clock to end the game with a 41-30 win.

Please don’t ever waste my time with a Marshall Mathers interview again. Ever.

OH SHIT! :eek: Florida got beat by Miami! :slight_smile:

pssssst, Eminem, We were too.

ND got beat. And they have really shiny helmets.

If anyone on the East Coast is still watching WSU-USC (7-7, 4th)… you have a problem and need help.

Wazzu wins! Two big upsets by the Cougars over ranked teams on the same day.

The BYU spanking of Texas makes the UVa win last week that much more impressive, which in turn makes the Oregon win this week that much more impressive.

The Oregon rout would have been even worse without the homer refs. On one play, a giant UVa guy tackled De’Anthony Thomas, then kneeled on him, then stomped on him, then grabbed him by the facemask, which finally drew a flag. When DT applauded the flag, the refs called it taunting — offsetting penalties. Oregon was also called for roughing the QB when a guy barely touched the QB well below his head.

But the best was when Oregon had fourth and goal on the one. The runner was stopped, but an Oregon lineman literally had his helmet torn off by a UVa lineman who facemasked him the whole play. No call, UVa gets the ball. Should have been first and goal for Oregon.

Why yes, I do live in Oregon, why do you ask?

Edit: Looks like Jesus is taking the year off. First Tebow, now Notre Dame.

In what CFB universe is a win against the University of Virginia something to crow about?

OK, nobody should get credit for playing conference games, “key” or not. :wink:


Who had a worse day – Texas or USC? Love to see them both humiliated.

I’d say USC, they were at home and the crowd was audibly chanting “Fire Lane Kiffin” at the end, though the broadcasters ignored that. No team with the kind of recruits USC gets by default should look that lost.

I am not asking for credit.

I am just asking you to remember that SEC plays early conference games so they can schedule the Cupcake Homecoming games in late October.

Gives them a chance to rest the first string and give the underclassmen some playing time.

I think it is pretty stupid for B1G teams (and other conferences) to play 8 consecutive conference games.

Yesterday must’ve been Austin Peay, Samford, Sam Houston State vs the SEC in Homecoming Cupcakes: The Prequel.

I just wish all conferences did it the same way. It makes a difference due to our ridiculous system of “voting”. Easy wins late in the season look better than easy wins early in the season to the pollsters.
Actually, I do prefer easy games first. Like pro’s, the teams need a warmup, every team should just get 1 warm up as first game then play real teams. I hate it when teams (mine included) play multiple weak teams, no fun.

I hate playing FCS teams, period. I just saw my team play one yesterday – what was once an aberration, an emergency fill-in for a hole in the schedule – has become standard, as we seem to be stuck with one every year. The games are boring, the fans stay away in droves, and there’s no upside other than a cheap W, that shouldn’t count in the polls. If you have to play them, they should be like exhibition games.