Colorado Politician Calls Mexican Immigrants "Illiterate Peasants"

you forgot the best bit

Baby Jesus would be proud :dubious:

Man, you are so totally contradicting yourself! How can you say someone is literate if they can’t speak or read Jesus Christ’s own English!

:smack: I don’t know how I forgot that!

Nope it’s not their fault at all, but do we swing the doors wide and embrace all comers?/QUOTE]
I think you should - it’d be living up to the principles that used to make America something to be admired. You know, the words on Lady Liberty and all that.

And while those words are to be admired, the US has never had a “We’ll take them all, no matter what” policy. There has ALWAYS been some level of restrictions on immigration into the country.

As it is, at least in 2006, the US still admitted more legal immigrants than any other nation on Earth. (cite:wiki)


I think you’ve been buying in to our own myths here.

Even as we were encouraging immigration from the British Isles and Italy - when my ancestors came over - we were severely restricting it from China That was right around when the Statue was built, roughly.

So it isn’t as if our policies on this have always been some sort of ideal that we have always followed consistently.

So far, you’re the only voice of reason in this thread. Where I live, in downtown Herndon, VA, there are thousands of [il]legal Mexicans/El Salvadorians/Guatemalans in the neighborhoods and towns surrounding me, and I’ll tell you what, there aren’t a whole lot of cleaning/service jobs left for the gringos. Going to McDonald’s is always a chore as the person taking your order likely doesn’t speak English well if at all. Are these not urban peasants? How many are literate? I’m guessing not many.

I’m also guessing those screeching liberals who are condemning the politician for his comments don’t live in areas where there are lots of recent Hispanic immigrants or know really anything past a few Googled links. It’s tiresome.

I spent fifteen years in Colorado.

Douglas Bruce is an asshole.

And a faggot is a bundle of sticks. Who’d do all the field work and other menial jobs if all the Mexicans went home? The reason they have those jobs is because most Anglos think they’re too good to apply. And if they’re qualified for better-paying, more skilled work, good luck getting hired for it.

It was like this for the Irish a hundred years ago. How’d they get past it?

That may be, but his label isn’t wrong necessarily.

You’re focusing on only one side of the equation.

Good luck being a white teenager looking for a job at McDonald’s or a supermarket in an area where there are lots of Hispanic immigrants. There isn’t a chance you’ll get hired.

And it’s not necessarily that Hispanics do work that Anglos won’t (e.g., yard work). If I were a business owner, why would I pay an Anglo landscaper $20 an hour when I could hire 5 immigrants for the same pay? Keep mind that the Anglos typically have VASTLY different lifestyles than recent not-yet-assimilated immigrants, thus their cost-of-living his higher.

Well, it certainly makes it easy to disparage them to think so, regardless of what the facts are.

Disparage? Where do you live, holmes?

Fear Itself, please disregard the post above and I apologize. I misconstrued your point.

I agree with you. I can’t find a justifiable reason why any politician would say something that not only disparages them, but groups them together in a negative light – it’s propagating cultural (national? racial?) divisions, which is what we’re trying to overcome.

You would too if you worked all day in the fields and couldn’t afford deodorant.

And to think I had a deliciously snarky riposte all ready to fire off…

Apology accepted.

In part by their service in the Union army during the Civil War. So the answer is to send illegal immigrants to Iraq.


That’s what pisses me off about it. Illiterate is one thing, and has a more cut-and-dried definition.
“Peasant” in my mind has a negative connotation, as in, peon.

He could have just as easily said “Illiterate immigrant farmer/worker”.

You said it, they stink on ice!

I don’t think the issue is rudeness. The issue is class. Using the term “peasant” today is inherently classist. The reason why his remarks offended people so much is that people in the U.S. like to think it’s a classless society.

Of course, the U.S. isn’t a classless society. In fact, our class system is exactly what makes the conditions for illegal immigration.

I would object to his remarks more for being so obtuse; if they indeed are “illiterate peasants,” then that’s exactly why we want them to come here. They’re willing to do the work no one here is, and they’ll never be able to read about “organizing.”

There are two types of illegal immigrant in the southwest U.S.: the one that goes to the farms, and the one that goes to the city. (I think they are about equally divided.) The city folks are not “peasants”; that’s why they go to the city. They average about five years of formal education. I guess you could say they are “functionally illiterate.” But you could probably say the same thing for a lot of the people who voted this guy into office.