Colorado Politician Calls Mexican Immigrants "Illiterate Peasants"

Not even the negroes . . .

I lived very close to DC for nineteen years. As DudleyGarrett said, it was very unusual to find someone working a menial job in fast food who spoke English particularly well. However, my mother taught ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) in that area for a few years, and many of her pupils were quite well educated; hell, one guy had been a lawyer for the government in Colombia. The problem was simply that they weren’t very good at English.

I am repeatedly outraged at how Americans treat Spanish and Spanish-speakers. My niece is taking freakin’ Latin because her school does not offer Spanish. Spanish is not a real language you know. Only greasy theivin’ Mexicans speak that.

–ignore me, I am ranting–

Are you serious? I live in DC and go into Alexandria and Arlington somewhat frequently. We must go to different fast food places. Most of the ones I’ve gone to have people who speak English as their native language.

Come to Herndon.

Oddly, the McDonald’s I used to work at had Mexicans working there a few years ago. Now it is all Asians of some sort.

Well, I’m sure that when Fox News reports it, he’ll be a Democrat.

On a totally unrelated note, this guy got real mad at me the other day and I can’t figure out why. I looked up “porch” in the dictionary and it said “an exterior appendage to a building, forming a covered approach or vestibule to a doorway.” I looked up “monkey” in the dictionary and it said “any mammal of the order Primates, including the guenons, macaques, langurs, and capuchins…”

So why do you think he got mad at me? There’s nothing derogatory in either of those words.

That macaca shouldn’t be allowed to make another speech as long as he lives. Christ, this thing is a tar baby.

Come to California some time. The two things we have more of than anything else, are liberals and Hispanic immigrants. Hell, I live in Marin County, one of the great bastions of white liberal priviledge, and any day of the week, you can drive into downtown San Rafael and see dozens of Hispanic day laborers standing around, waiting for jobs. And yet we’re still significantly to the left of most of the nation on immigration issues.

California doesn’t count. The Spanish speakers were there before the white people. So your brown people get grandfathered in or something. :wink:

'Course, the same is true of Texas . . . sorry, Tejas . . . and probably AZ and NM, too.

Full of shit. I live in an area where there are a gazillion immigrants. They are not any dumber (or smarter) or any more lower class (or upper class) than anyone else. And they certianly aren’t peasants. Not in any sense, since we don’t have farms around here.

What that Senator said was nasty, mean-spirited, racist and, most of all, not true. Why in the hell would anyone defend that remark? Maybe, maybe if he had limited his nastiness to illegal immigrants, then you could try and work the criminal angle. But he didn’t even do that. He disparaged Mexicans with lies and you racist motherfuckers ate it right up.

Yeah, I’m looking at you mswas and Dudley.

I wasn’t referencing what you have done, or even, sadly, what you probably will do. I was referencing what you should do,to really be the America you (generic you plural) claim to always have been.

Note that he was booted from his committee for doing something eminently reasonable- voting against a resolution on the grounds that resolutions are a waste of time.

Anyway, if he wasn’t removed from the legislature for assault I doubt this will do it.

Christ, shut up.

The Republican leadership hates this guy because he embarrasses them. He is the face and voice of the rank and file Republicans. The voters think he’s a hero. You should have heard them on the radio yesterday (I’m in Colorado). The hosts were cringing as caller after caller confirmed all the stereotypes of Republicans that they insist aren’t true. There is some serious Mexican hate out there.

Oh, and DudleyGarrett? You think Northern Virginia has a lot of Hispanic immigrants? The entire Western half of the United States laughs at you.

Now who’s attacking Free Speech?

This liberal lives in Texas. And probably knows a bit more about the issue than a dweller in The Commonwealth of Virginia. Well, I know more about “illegal” immigration.

But I’m pretty sure that Virginia has quite a few racist motherfuckers. Keep talking so we can all keep learning more.

Snappy comeback. Witty rhetoric, thy name is Dudders.

You can’t be serious.

Do you really think that piece of trash that was aimed at me deserved more?