Come back, Gary Condit. All is forgiven...

Arrest said to be near in Chandra Levy’s murder:

This is a case i really did not expect to see back in the headlines. I hope they have the right guy.

Glad they kept after this, instead of remaining tunnel-visioned on Condit. I hope they’ve got the right guy, also.

I hope so too, and if he is, I’m kind of gratified to know he’s been in jail all this time anyway instead of out on the streets.

Well, all is forgiven except for the bit about Condit hiding his connection to a missing person because he was afraid it would hurt him politically. It was evident a long time ago that he didn’t kill Chandra Levy - the police zeroed in on Guandique years ago - but Condit was a scuzz who, despite the idiocy of the media coveage of the whole thing, more or less got what he deserved.

I’m glad that they’re finding the killer but that fuckhead Condit can stay in his hole forever as far as I’m concerned. He is a hypocritical piece of shit. He played the Christian moralist while having affairs with more than a couple of interns. When ever someone asked him to consider something, he’d respond with, “I’ll pray on it.” Unless, of course, it was an innocent young hottie. Then it should have been, “I’ll prey on it.”

In case anyone was wondering, the title was intended humorously, not as an endorsement of Asshole Condit.

While I agree with JUST about everything said here, was Chandra Levy knowingly sleeping with her married boss an “innocent” hottie?

Certainly, as far as her murder goes (if indeed this Guandique did it) she WAS innocent…

Her relationship with Condit (a hypocrite asshole) NOT so innocent…

I cant help but feel that because of the affair, the whole investigation got derailed and off track.

Hopefuly, her family will get closure and some measure of healing.

Yes. She’d have been murdered during her jog even if she wasn’t sleeping with Condit. You may find her behavior wrong or immoral or sinful, but it’s unrelated to what happened to her. It became a national news story only because she happened to be involved with a somewhat well-known person.

I think you misread MPB in Salt Lake. He/She seemed clear to indicate that Chandra Levy was innocent “as her murder goes”.

MPB in Salt Lake is correct however that she was not an innocent hottie that scumbag Condit preyed on. She was a willing sleeze-bag herself for hooking up with a married man. I don’t know enough about her, but it sounds like she was another Poltical Groupie.

Thanks, What Exit

What I was trying to express was that Levy was knowlingly sleeping with a married politician (not such innocent behavior, IMHO)

Levy going for a jog in a park (perfectly innocent behavior)

Mr. Speaker, I’ll second that motion and vote “Aye.”

There are a few things that i think make this formulation problematic.

First, even if Levy was not an employee as such, but an unpaid intern, what we have here is essentially a professional working relationship in which the balance of power and authority between the two figures is strongly tilted toward the congressman. To that extent, and leaving aside the issue of marriage for the moment, Condit has far greater culpability in this than Levy. While i loathed Ken Starr and his prurient moralizing, i still believed that Clinton abused his power in the White House, even though Monica Lewinsky was a willing participant. The fact of consent, in an unbalanced professional relationship like this, does not negate the abuse-of-power issue.

On a more general, non-work-related level, i’ve always been of the opinion that the burden of responsibility and guilt in an adulterous relationship lies primarily with the married partner. Sure, Levy might have been some sort of political groupie, as you suggest, and it might be unbecoming to make advances on a married man, but in the end she is not responsible for Gary Condit’s marriage vows, he is.

>i’ve always been of the opinion that the burden of responsibility and guilt in an adulterous relationship lies primarily with the married partner

I agree. Condit was breaking promises to his wife and to others regarding his loyalty to his wife. But Levy hadn’t made any promises to Condit’s wife and didn’t owe her any allegiance. Maybe it is sleazy, and perhaps not completely innocent, but not as bad as his transgressions.

Ah, but, wasn’t that a wonderful time? Remember? Before the whole September 11th attack and the ugly twist the world took since? I still have a beautiful picture of an angry Condit shoving the photog who was taking it.

Clinton: “Jeez, Gary, at least when I was done with them, they were still breathing!”

Yeah, these days, you only see important news getting covered.

The Washington Post ran a series of articles about this six months ago (and all but fingered the guy that’s going to be charged) and according to people close to Levy she was convinced that Condit’s marriage was on the rocks and he was going to leave his wife for her. That might have been her rationalizing sleazy behavior or it might have been her being gullible.

Ah, ok. As far as “prey” goes… it was very good wordplay but I don’t now enough about Levy and Condit’s relationship to say if it applies. Same thing for Clinton and Lewinski. It might be inappropriate workplace behavior but I don’t know anyone misused power or anything like that.

I think Condit hampered the investigation by lying about his relationship with Chandra (is he still married, or did his wife dump him?)

I remember when Levy & Condit were the topics of unrelenting media coverage back in '91. I also recall us Dopers complaining that the media needed to come up with a new story.

And then 9/11 happened.

I’ve tried very hard not to complain about unrelenting media coverage because I’m relieved that there isn’t something big like 9/11 to focus on. The “tot mom” coverage is testing my resolve.

I’m glad that the Levy family has some resolution.

Wow, it’s been longer than i thought. :slight_smile:

What a bunch of bizarre moralizers. Ooooh, adultery. Well, it wasn’t you or your spouse, so what business is it of yours/ours? It’s not like human beings are mostly monogamous, we are not. It really isn’t our business. If you are opposed to adultery, then don’t do it.