Come on, couldn't this have been moved instead of closed?

Couldn’t This thread (warning, tasteless but IMHO funny joke about the NFL players lost at sea) have been moved SOMEWHERE instead of closed? The pit, if need be, or IMHO? Or at least commented on by the mod who closed it? Are tasteless jokes just not allowed?

ETA : because I laughed, and I have a GREAT one about the Croc Hunter I’d like to post…


I just assumed it was closed becasue there was already a thread with the same topic in MPSIMS.

Looking back, what I don’t get is why it was moved from MPSIMS to The Game Room.

There seems to be a policy of moving any sports-related thread to The Game Room - whether this is a reasonable policy is, of course, a whole other discussion, but nobody seems to feel very strongly about it one way or the other.

A bit of history: we originally set up a few subject-related forums (ATMB, CoCC, and CoSR) and the other forums were based on the type of discussion: question/factual answer in General Questions, discussions with no answer in Great Debates, sharing info in MPSIMS, flaming in the Pit, etc. This worked well for many years, but then we found that there were so many entertainment-related questions that it made sense to put them all in one forum. So, Cafe Society was based on topic while the other forums were based on discussion-style. The Game Room was a recent split-off, also based on topic.

This means, and has always meant, that there is some ambiguity. A discussion on which Olympic sport is the “best” could go in Great Debates. Sharing personal information about your experiences as a weight-lifter could go in MPIMS. Sports-as-entertainment could go in Cafe Society. We’ve basically been willing to live with some ambiguity here.

And, please note, having a thread moved isn’t a warnable offense, nor even any type of offense at all. It’s often a judgement call. No harm, no foul.

That’s nice, Dex. Now explain why the thread in question was closed. Not moved.

It was a sports related joke, so I figured it would get the most responses/interest in The Game Room. Somebody else locked it, probably because it was unfunny and distasteful, but that was a separate call. It’s true there was also a thread about those events going in MPSIMS, but I’m not sure whether there were any recent posts at that point.

Any response to this?


And further more, why the Mod who closed it didn’t leave a post saying why? Accountability for Mod actions is something we’ve grown to expect.

Well, just like the number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know…


That makes sense.

I’d love an answer to the question “Why was it closed?” Even if the answer is “Because I fricking felt like it,” I’d like to know…


Do you people seriously wonder why people are leaving?