Comic: Love Is...

I came across thisfrom a Pearls Before Swine comic.

But he has no…nor does she have…Whats going on?

It must be Love, because it obviously isn’t Sex.


It’s not for you. It’s for your grandmother, the same one who loves the Family Circus.

SIR, my Grandmother does NOT view nipples, even though they be dots on a cartoon character’s chest!


Those things have been around for years. It’s okay they’re naked, because they’re widdle kiddies. (Obviously this started before pedophilia became a Big Issue.) They’re intentionally sentimental, sometimes saccharine, sometimes just the right amount of kitsch.

Aren’t they about overdue for an x-rated spoof? Come on, there’s gotta be one, right?

I have no doubts that rule 34 has been applied to them, but I think that just changing the captions will do:

I came with a very naughty caption for that, but I decided not to post it when I wondered: has it been established that they are cute naked cartoon versions of a married couple or are they supposed to be little naked kids?

The one that shows to me that the characters are not really kids is this one:

That shows the male character lustfully looking at the girl on the beach…

Wearing a bikini! One of the rare occasions the characters are not naked.

Adults, though not necessarily married. This cartoon has been around for ages (I remember seeing it in the Boston Globe when I was a toddler) and children (basically smaller versions of the main characters) have appeared occasionally.

Yeah. Since before I could talk. So the writer must be about to croak…Really. Why doesn’t she croak already?

Normally I ignore the thing, but when I saw that one I thought someone had slipped me some kind of hallucinogenic mickey. These two have been running around naked for several decades at least and suddenly they get modest when they go to the beach?

ObSimpsons: “It’s about two naked 8-year olds who are married.”

Love is…

…not making the obvious joke here.

She did. Twelve years ago. Since when does that make a difference in the world of comics?

I dunno, but the anatomically correct, presumably nude, dude to the right with ‘the next creatine’ is freaking me out.

Wow, when I was a kid my parents had a “Love Is…” mug, and I always thought the characters were confined to gift shop junk. I had no idea it had been a daily panel for the last ~40 years. Writing it must be mind-numbing.

RK Milholland did one in his webcomic, Something Positive, but his archive goes back to 2001, and I’ll be damned if I can find it.

Whoever writes it has to do some kind of dirty or cynical version for each saccharine one. Because otherwise you’d go mad.

It’s really easy to come up with alternate captions for Love Is…strips. The one I came up with for the one posted in the OP was “Love is…giving Sarah Palin a backrub.”
I actually did a bit of research on Love Is…- The characters are meant to represent the creator, Kim Casali, and her husband (who passed away a few years after the strip started.) The strip is currently written by one of Casali’s three sons- the other two sons design maps for games such as Doom, Quake, and Half-Life. (That last one really surprised me.)

One webcomic (I think it was PVP, but I’m not 100% certain) did a spoof of Watchmen with comic strip characters called “Ombudsmen” poking fun at a few famous moments in the graphic novel. The rogue superhero*'s evil plan is not to create a giant squid, but to put the f-word in a syndicated comic strip, causing chaos. The final panel of the spoof shows his result- which is partially obscured, but from what we can see, reads “Love is…fucking.”
*That may be a redundant phrase when referring to Watchmen- all of the characters are rogues in one way or another, but Ozymandias was the only one on the side of evil.

Is it still going? It can be OTT but I’ve always liked it and always felt it ‘true’. I had no idea it was by a woman though. I thought it was a French man.

Ok, now that we established that they are adults drawn in a cute style:

My alternative caption was:

She: “Yes honey, it is the butt of my girlfriend! Keep unwrapping the rest of her, me and her are giving you the threesome that I promised you!”