Today's "Love Is..." comic

Is it just me, or did things suddenly get really dark in today’s comic?

Melting clock. Wilted flowers. “Love is” boy dressed in a suit. Caption: "… sometimes a lost cause.

Wow. You sure that isn’t a spoof by Stephen Pastis?

wait… *“Love Is…” *still exists?

Oh, I like that idea. Anybody know?

No doubt, Man! 1973 called, and it wants its shit back!

“It’s about two naked eight year olds who are married…”

Ha ha. I actually did laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

We clearly have a different opinion of what ‘really dark’ means, I think.

I think may be the melty clock and wilted flowers mean it is hot outside. Idk, that was my first impression. But I agree I certainly didn’t think that thing was still around. I used to read them in 8th grade.

My first thought on seeing the melted clock was Salvador Dali.

Compared to the usual saccharine fluff that is “Love Is…”, this strikes an unusual tone for the comic.

From the look of that page they seem to have found jobs that enable them to afford clothes at least some of the time.

Yeah, I noticed that. They have clothes now, too? But it looks like they’re back to the normal tone today, with “Love is … sharing a chocolate cake.”

Seems like the little couple have broken up, and the guy has given up on the concept of love. Seems pretty dark to me.

I concur. Imagine seeing a Family Circus comic where the kids are all seeing a family therapist to deal with Mom and Dad’s breakup and the shared custody arrangements. Not dark compared to the real world, but certainly out of character, and I’d assume initially that it was a parody of the comic.