Comments on "Survivor" (4/5/01) Warning: SPOILERS

Okay, here’s what I’m thinking:

Maybe Amber is in with Rodger and Lis. But she votes for Nick along with the Ogakors to throw them off. Rodger, Lis, and Amber agree that Rodger and Lis will vote Amber to throw off the Ogakors. Rodger and Lis also know that they’ll have more of an advantage over Amber in case a tie comes up (she’ll have the same amounts of previous votes as Lis, and more than Rodger). Next week, barring immunity, Rodger, Lis, and Amber vote out Colby. Then they go after Keith or Tina (most likely Keith, due to his previous votes). Then the final four are: Rodger, Lis, Amber, and Tina. This is where the previous votes against Amber come into play, in case of a tie.
On the other hand, maybe Rodger and Lis will tell Amber that they voted for Nick (or one for Nick, one for Keith) and try to convince her that two of her former teammates voted for her. Then she’ll be more likely to take their side.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’m hoping that Rodger or Lis win this thing.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

(Oh, and was anyone bummed that the deal for rice was kind of lame? I was hoping for more drama.)

I don’t think Amber is in on any plans with Rodger and Elisabeth. I think at this point she’s just sticking with the enemy she knows.

Colby, Tina, and Keith have to know that they’ll lose if the other person in the final two is a Kucha. Rodger and Elisabeth are too well liked by both sides. So their best bet is to stick together and vote them off.

I doubt that there was much strategy involved in this vote-off. Nick was just plain lazy. He wasn’t making any effort at all to pull his weight.

I was surprised that Jeff didn’t want more for the rice and hooks. I was expecting him to ask Colby for the immunity necklace to help the tribe. It would be hard to vote off the guy who made more food possible.

Is anybody else wondering why they aren’t eating the turtles? I would catch the damn things just to make 'em give the hooks back, then I’d eat 'em and enjoy it immensely. For people that are supposedly so damn hungry they sure are picky about what they eat.

Dammit - I just wrote a whole thing on the food-deal, and IE crashed!! ARRGGGHHH!!!

Well, I have time, so here we go again.

I don’t think the trade was at all expected by the producers of the show, it was more of an emergency thing. Although it would have been more interesting to have some sort of drama or activity associated with the deal, I don’t believe it would have been possible. Any physical activity would have been so far beyond the abilities of any of the contestants, and I very much doubt there was any adequate mental challenge prepared in the event of the tribe starving. The tribe was truly HUNGRY, and totally lethargic during the immunity challenge. One of the girls (Amber, I think) was just swishing her can around in the water during that challenge - she didn’t seem to care if she won or not. I think the show staff saw a serious problem, and had to fix it. It was a medical decision, not a ratings one. Kind of like when they air-lifted Mike out of there. There was no question of whether he should be treated on-site and expected to continue on with the show - he was in no physical condition to do it. Well, the tribe was now in that type of dangerous condition, and the show probably can’t risk losing contestants to starvation. I think it was a fair trade - a necessity for a valued part of the camp. They couldn’t really ask much more out of them without putting their health more at risk, being cruel (Run a mile, we’ll give you rice), or changing the rules of the game (such as taking back the immunity necklace or asking for two people to be voted off).

My opinion?

Elisabeth is hot!

Well, I saw the show in it’s entirety for the first time tonight, and I gotta say I’m impressed. Probably hooked.

I thought the rice for tarps trade was bang on -Although asking for the immunity necklace as well would have been a neat touch. Nonetheless, the show has got some totally wicked ideas. Drilling holes in the bottom of those water buckets… diabolical!!!

And you just know Jeff heard the weather forcast 10 minutes before he cut that rice deal… heheheheheh

I think last night’s episode showed how badly the lack of food was affecting Elisabeth. Last week she realized how vulnerable she was and mobilized. She went around talking to everyone and persuaded the ex-Ogakors to defect and vote off Jerri. But this week, despite the obvious danger, she apparently never took action. It’s obvious Rodger and Elisabeth didn’t co-ordinate with Nick on who to vote for. And while Amber says she considered approaching the ex-Kuchas, they apparently didn’t approach her.

At this point, I can’t see any realistic hope for Rodger or Elisabeth (barring a run of immunities). There’s no reason for any of the other four to defect to their side and the only question is which of the pair goes first and who goes second.

Someone should have jammed a twig in the hole in their bucket.

“There’a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear, Liza,
There’a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole”

Sorry, chanelling the 100 greatest kids songs CDs.

You knew something was up when the immunity challengs was over at 8:30. Then Koala Jeff (© Salon) comes rambling down the road looking all bad ass. I wonder if asking for the tarps wasn’t the producer’s way of getting back at Colby for bringing the Tejas flag as a luxury item.

Personally, I’ve given up trying to guess alliances or strategies. There is so much intentionally misleading editing going on that Mark Burnett and company could make it appear that Rodger and Keith were “exploring the outback” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

That whole food auction thing was a riot. Poor Amby, 200 smackeroos for a glass of water. Heh-Heh. The smartest one was probably Colby. After weeks of nutritional abuse, a protein bar and ice coffee was probably the most harmless thing out there. And by the way, CBS, I can do without all of the butt-wiping talk.

But it’s the butt-wiping talk that makes it real, man!

Little Nemo, I don’t think it was obvious Nick, Rodger and Elisabeth didn’t coordinate who to vote for. We saw Nick vote for Keith, and he said he was voting for Keith because Keith didn’t bring his backpack to the tribal council, and Nick found that arrogant.

The backpacks contain the tribe members’ personal effects, so they’re ready to go if they get voted out. Nick was right; it was arrogant of Keith, since theoretically anyone could have been voted off except Colby.

The three ex-Kuchas probably agreed to vote for Amber, but at the last minute Nick realized it didn’t matter who they voted for anyway, and he had a newly-sparked grudge against Keith, so he voted on impulse.

That was my first thought as well. I didn’t hear Jeff say they couldn’t plug the hole if they wanted. It would have took 10 seconds to do and saved them about 10 trips to the water.

I think this illustrates how no one was thinking very clearly by this point.

That was my first thought as well. I didn’t hear Jeff say they couldn’t plug the hole if they wanted. It would have took 10 seconds to do and saved them about 10 trips to the water.

I think this illustrates how no one was thinking very clearly by this point.

Maybe Keith didn’t bring his backpack because he just didn’t have the energy… and he thought, “Aw! ***k it! I don’t need anything in there!”

And, as an aside: Elizabeth, Yuuuuummmmmmmm!!!:slight_smile:

Probably would’ve been a no-no. We all saw how Keith got his pee-pee smacked for testing the balance of the buckets.

By the way, anyone notice how chef Keith is starting to look a whole lot like chef Adam on Northern Exposure?

Instead of jamming a twig in the hole, they should have just scooped up mud and rocks along with the water, and let the mud/rocks jam up the hole from the inside.

Sad to say, it looks like Ogakor will stick together after all. I don’t think that’s a smart move for Amber, but then again, Rodger and Elisabeth would ultimately vote her out if she switched to Kucha.

A switch is still do-able, though, if Elisabeth gets motivated to engineer it. If Rodger, Elisabeth and Amber vote for Colby, he’s gone. He would lose any tiebreaker because of all of the votes he drew when the tribes merged. Alternatively, they could take out Keith, who also has a passel of votes against him.

Don’t see it happening at this point, though. Looks like the final four will be ex-Ogakor after all.

Quote of the week: “My leaf had a hole in it!”

I hadn’t thought of jamming a stick up the buckethole… but I did think that it would be ok to stand under the running water [rather than running to and fro the river] and pour it in again when you come close to tipping the balance.
You could save a few seconds that way and you would have to be damn sure that the balance was real close to tipping in your favor. [Hummm, did that make sense to you?]

As for the lethargy… that’s a classic sign of your body preparing for famine. I think that the tarp/flag deal was a response to a medical problem. It would have been unfair to take back the immunity necklace because that would have effected only one individual.

YES!!! Especially when he wears that knit cap!

I don’t think they would have been allowed to jam up the hole in the bucket. Keith almost had it, and stopped getting water, and lost it.

I thought for sure they were going to ask someone to voluntarily leave so the others could have the rice.
As for eating the turtle, I also thought they should try and catch one, but there are certain critters they aren’t allowed to eat. The turtles may be one of them.

I though the food auction was great. I knew that by waiting, Jeff would be getting to better food (the meat), not just chips and salsa and candy. I would have gone for the peanut butter and chocolate, though.

I guess the ex-Ogakors will continue killing off the ex-Kuchas. I see Rodger and Elisabeth going next.
If R & E get Amber to vote with them, it would still (most likely) be a tie, right? Say R & E & A vote for Colby or Keith or Tina (depending on immunity) and T & K & C vote for Elisabeth (since she already has votes), she would still lose. How many votes do Keith and Colby have each? Keith has at least one (Nick’s); does Colby have two? Tina doesn’t have any, right?

Another thought on Nick’s non-Kucha-unanimous vote:
Maybe Nick voted for Keith, just so Keith would have another vote against him, in case of a tie later on.

I suspect that we don’t hear all of the rules for the challenges. I’m pretty sure that any loopholes that would allow for an easier win, like blocking up the hole in the bucket, would not be allowed.

I was really shocked by how thin some of the contestants are. Tina looked like someone from a third world country hoping for a sponsor.

Regarding Keith and his lack of stuff when he hiked to the tribal council, like Astroboy14, I also thought that Keith was perhaps beyond caring whether or not he got voted out. He probably figured that he was tired, hungry, and yes, because of his alliance, less likely to be voted out, so why bother. Maybe he figured that if he got a surprise like Jerri did, he could live without the few belongings he had with him.

I’m not sure if they really are going to vote out Elisabeth and Rodger next. The last time they had the choice of Elisabeth or Rodger, they decided on Jerri instead. They are both extremely likable, and seem to do most of the fishing and a great deal of work around the camp. I’m not sure if Nick was voted out because of his Kucha ties, or because he wasn’t doing anything around the camp while everyone else was working AND starving. Did you see the look on his face when Colby said everyone was pulling their own weight? I also think that the only reason Nick voted for Keith instead of Amber was because he knew he was gone anyway. His vote didn’t matter, and he wanted to make a point.

I also want to say that I think that mnemosyne has it right about the food thing. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And on preview…

I noticed this comment.

Isn’t Jeff gone? Or are you talking about the host??

Both Colby and Keith have more past votes against them than Elisabeth or Amber.

All of the ex-Kucha voted for Colby when the tribes merged, but Colby stayed alive on the tie-breaker.

Keith drew several votes early on during his feud with Jerri. He picked up one more last night.

As for the turtles, even if they are allowed to eat them, turtles are not easy to catch. They break regular fishing line with ease. (Hence all the lost hooks.) You’d have to have a wire leader on your hook to stand a chance of catching one. Does the tribe have any wire?

By the way, I thought they were wasting precious energy running around after grasshoppers. I would think they could turn over any rotten log and probably find all sorts of grubs, worms, etc.