Commercials you love (and some you hate)

I love the one with the piece of Extra chewing gum jumping out of the plane. The ending makes me laugh everytime.

“What are you looking at, you mangy beast!”

I hate all of the Glad commercials. That chick with the voice! “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Thank god for the mute button.

I don’t like the OnStar commercials either, especially the one with the pregnant woman who says she 48 weeks along. That’s just laughable, and not in a good way.

I know there are more commercials that I absolutely love, but I can’t think of them right now. I’ll have to make a list or something later.

So what are your favorite (and least favorite) commercials?

The only commercial I will drop everything to watch is the Honda (it must be love) car commercial with the shots of the cars and the head shots of the people who look like the cars. That commercial is so cool.

I do not watch any other car commercial. I hate them all.

I’ve seen that one way more than I want to, I hear it as 28, not 48.
I love the Guinness St Patrick’s day ones. Their “Brilliant!” ones were good too.

The ones I hate are too numerous to mention.

I also love that faces/cars commercial mentioned above. I’m also a big fan of the Quiznos whatsits.

I know some I hate! I was gearing up for a pit thread on this very topic.

The Heineken (yech) commercial where the guy says “I love you” to his girlfriend because she’s asleep on his beer arm. She rolls to cuddle with him and he can get to his nasty ass beer. Ardred about threw a shoe at the TV when he saw that one.

Any commercial in which the mom has to make dinner after a long day at work and Dad’s just sitting at the table with the kids waiting to be served.

Using songs I love for products I don’t. Whip it should not be used to sell Swiffer. We Are the Champions should definitely not be used to sell VIAGARA. Ick.

There are more, I have to think about it, though.

I love the “Soap” commercial. I think the car is ugly, but it’s a great commercial (possibly because there are cars I’ve had that exact reaction to…just not the one in the commercial.)

The quiznos commercials freak me out.

But my current most hated commercial is for some kind of skin/beauty product… I’m not sure which one. In it, some woman is being asked questions in front of a polygraph machine - the final question is “do you ever lie about your age” and her answer is “no, I’m only 28.” And apparently that’s supposed to prove something about her skin care line…the problem? She’s 38 if she’s a day. I might be able to believe that she a 35-year-old who spent a lot of time in the sun in her teens…but she hasn’t seen 28 in a very long time. And she looks it! She’s a beautiful woman in her late 30s, and I’d trade my face and body for hers…but the commercial totally fails, as the product they’re pushing has done nothing for this woman. (unless she’s supposed to be really 45)

I love the Quizno’s commercials!!! Having seen the “spongemonkeys” before at, I knew what they were, but even if I didn’t, that commercial would still crack me up.

I also love the (I think it’s) Fedex commercial where the 2 guys confront their co-worker and tell him they know he’s an alien. When they show the co-worker, he’s an alien from the movie Alien type alien wearing a little, flimsy mask of a generic guy. I love that one!!!

I know that guy in that Sprint commercial, getting his hair braided by the yakking little girl…his name is David Combs and he has been on Broadway and in quite a few films. Glad to see he is raking in some bucks with this commercial! (He looks a lot better without the braids.)

I generally like commercials that make me laugh…but I have to admit, I think the Target commercials currently have the “cool” factor. Alway eye-catching with great colors. You can tell it is a Target commercial even before the logo appears.

And you have to give credit to MasterCard…with the various prices and then the “priceless” tagline - geez, how many variations have you seen that attached to in jokes! But it still grabs you.

And is it just me, or have McDonalds and Burger King stopped advertising? I can’t remember the last time I saw one of their ads (no great loss) but I sure do see a lot of Jack In The Box and Wendys. Maybe it is just a regional thing.

But my favorite of late is the Jimi Hendrix as a boy Pepsi commercial. Very funny.

The Lipitor commercials where they show someone who appears healthy and fit, and start reeling off facts about that person (runs twenty miles a day, has been a vegetarian for fifteen years, etc). Then they reveal that this person’s cholesterol is something like 350, and just as they do so the person trips or does something to demonstrate that their apparent good health is a sham because their cholesterol is high. Apparently having high cholesterol makes you clumsy or, in the one they’re running now, deprives you of the ability to drive a surfboard into the sand hard enough so that it will stay upright.

On the other hand, I like the Guinness “treat St. Patrick’s Day like a real holiday” and the MasterCard ads.

This one gets me every time. I’ll preface this by saying the entire McDonald’s ‘Ba Da Da Dah Daaaa I’m Lovin’ It’ campaign annoys me, but this one particular commercial makes me want to jump up from the couch and rampage like a wild ape. It’s the one where the pretty redhead and the handsome guy are obviously on their first date, and she can’t imagine why he’s still single because he’s so handsome and funny and perfect, awww. They get to McDonald’s and he orders for her, instead of letting her order for herself. Well, that’s apparently why he’s still single… he’s a control freak!
I just want to scream at the TV “No, he’s not still single because he’s a control freak, he’s still single because he’s a CHEAP BASTARD who takes his dates to McDonald’s for dinner and if that wasn’t bad enough, he ORDERS FROM THE DOLLAR MENU!!”

The Excedrin commercial where the black woman says something like “When I get a headache it’s a real pain in the neck. And I don’t mean just a pain in the neck, I mean a headache, with pain in the neck and shoulders”
I don’t know what it is about that woman, but I want to rip her through the screen and stab at her with red hot pokers. I’ll give her a pain in the neck.

Really? Huh, guess I’ll have to pay more attention. I was so sure, too.

DMark Burger King still advertises. In fact, I saw one I liked today. A woman in an office is reading off the special requests on a bunch of Whoppers and handing them out. She gets to one (no lettuce, double tomato, double bacon) and two guys reach out to grab it.

“You stole my Whopper?”

… long pause …



BTW, Congratulations Wicky. Two babies, how nice!


Thank you! :slight_smile:
I can’t believe they’ll be a month old tomorrow.

I like the National Geographic-style cat food commercial, with the housecat tearing across the African veldt chasing antelopes.

I hate all the rest.

Why does the Extra gum have a Scottish accent? Is all red gum Scottish? If I was in any way concerned about being P.C. I’d say that’s some sort of ethnic stereotype slur. Pretty dumb. Is Extra made in Scotland? I don’t understand.

The Excedrin confessionals: Is it just me or do the editors do something in production to make everyone’s eyes look extra shiny and wet? And my question is, why?

I can’t escape McDonalds commercials. I particularly dislike the ones where someone is sitting around eating their food, and a variety of different looking stereotypes all show moronic interest in what the person is eating, as if they’ve never eaten at a McDonalds before in their life, and yet, since these weird stereotypes of people are all interested in McDonalds food, it unifies them. Heartwarming.

Every time I see the Arby’s commercial with the glove that sounds like it’s constantly straining on the toilet, I have to mute the volume or change the channel. Definitely awful.

I love the Quizno’s monkeys, though I am getting a bit tired of them, probably because I will always watch it.

I dislike any commercial that has children shilling a product, especially SUVs. Is any parent going to say, “Those kids sure are smart the way they talk about mileage and safety, therefore, I will indeed purchase that particular brand of SUV, because the children told me to.”

I dislike the Gilette commercial that tries to tell us that only winners use their razors. Uh, it’s just a razor, dudes. No one cares. And no one especially cares that a razor has 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 50, 100 blades in it. Two still work just as good.

I found them annoying at first, but now I enjoy the Bacardi & Cola ads–especially Cola Guy’s parting lines:

“Who’s dirty?”

“We’re gonna need eight more ladies.”

The entire “I’m lovin’ it” ad campaign needs to freaking DIE already.

The ones I actually do like are for some credit card, I think. You see a person talking, but the voice coming out of their mouth is actually that of the person who stole and used their credit card. My favorite is the “my GIRL robot” one. Cracks me up every time.

And how can ANYONE hate the Bud donkey?

I like the E-file commercials, especially the one where a guy is getting ready to fill out all his tax forms. He has all his pencils sharpened and ready to go. Everything is meticulously organized as he gets down to work. He then spills his coffee and ruins everything and he goes “NOOOOO!!!” Cracks me up every time.

As a cat lover I like all cat food and cat litter commercials.

As for commercials I hate, I despise the latest Quizno’s ads. I have to mute this one to save my sanity every time it comes on. I also hated the Tide commercial with the song that went “Everything you can do I can do better…” I’m glad that one only had a short run. I also find most beer commercials to be annoyingly stupid.

Astra I love those credit card commercials! The “girl robot” is really good and I also love the “1500 dollars for a leather bustier? I didn’t care it lifts and seperates” one, which is the first I ever saw.

I also think the Emerald Nuts commercials are fantastic. It’s hard to explain, but they show people eating Emerald nuts and somehow the way you describe them starts with E and N. Like they have a guy giving someone directions, then he laughs evilly and his head turns around a la The Excorcist. The voice over is “Evil Navigators like Emerald Nuts.” They’re very funny.

Hate those Quiznos things. Hate them. Will never, ever, ever eat at Quiznos because of them. Even if they do have a “pepah bah”

I love you people. Was just thinking I needed a good SDMB commercials thread…

I HATE the “Olay Regenerist” ad…it contains “an amino-peptide complex”…yeah, so what? What the bleep does that mean, huh? It’s technobabble, and the stuff costs twenty-five bucks (I discovered today) when the other brands cost eight. And I agree about the “Do you ever lie about your age?” I didn’t think she looked quite as old as you did, but…it’s an anoying ad. It’s all about how special it is that she can lie about her age and get away with it. I thought that sort of thing went out with Jane Austen. Sheesh.

I kind of like the car ad where the guy is looking at his car and the car doors close on him, giving him a “hug”. Kinda cute. Hate with a passion nearly all other car ads.

Hate ads for men’s hair dye where the guy strikes out with a girl because he has partially greying hair; he then dyes it, and the girl thinks he’s hot. It’s stupid because it’s so shallow–but also because the guy looked BETTER before he dyed his hair! I may be young myself, but I can appreciate a hot-looking guy with grey hair. (Patrick Stewart…swoon…)

I liked the Swiffer lady whose daughter & friend (all in “gothic” gear) go “I hope it’s not genetic” when she’s dancing around with the mop. It’s been on so much now that it’s getting rather old, though. I still kinda like the SwifferDuster “Bev, you’re dusting my house again” one, though.

The most hilarious ad recently has been the SNL spoof ad for “Huggies Thong.” Everything else has been pretty much shown to death around here (the real ads) and we need some new ones before I can add some ads I like to this thread.

I love those commericals. I get a BBC’s “The Office” vibe from them, which is why I find them amusing, I guess.