Community 5.04 "Cooperative Polygraphy" 1/16

I think I’m going to forget to start a thread tomorrow, so I’m doing it a bit early. I think I read somewhere that critics that got to see the first few episodes really liked this one.

5.01/5.02 “Repilot”/“Introduction to teaching”
5.03 Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

How much money was Pierce still worth? I thought his brother got the bulk of the inheritance?

Reported for forum change. But the Game Room might be appropriate if the episode’s seen to be a sequel to “Digital Estate Planning”.

That was excellent Community. I first thought that only Brita would get Pierce’s sperm. But I love that Pierce had enough frozen sperm for everyone.

And that that’s what ultimately killed him.

I enjoyed it a lot, especially the similarities to the earlier bottle episode “Cooperative Calligraphy”. But I didn’t notice the parallel in the titles until I read Alan Sepinwall’s review.

Man, there were so many jokes in that episode, I’m going to need to rewatch it. They were coming a mile a second!

I masterbated everywhere.

Now we know where Troy will be going, at least. Good luck, Troy.

Did we know Pierce’s middle name was Anastasia?

Holy crap…

The mad, mad continuity of Community

Top still from Season 1, ep 22 “The Art of Discourse”, bottom still from Season 5, ep 4 “Cooperative Polygraphy”

I’m missing it.

In Art of Disclosure, they did this silly Animal House parody in which Britta’s thing was that she was a proud owner of an iPod Nano in 2014. Chase’s last gift to Britta (along with his seamen) was an iPod Nano with uplifting songs… in 2014.

Ah - I didn’t realize the caption was an on-screen caption.

That’s clever.

This was a fantastic episode. Also, sperm.

My favorite was the Tag with the Lawyer cutting loose with the Study group. Hilarious!

I missed last scene in the bar because I was getting the Boy ready for bed so I had to catch it at later. That was a great capper that made the ep funnier.

Anyway, sorry to see Donald Glover go and it seems odd that he’s leaving to do Childish Gambino stuff (though I do believe that he’s working on something at Fox). I hope he can come back again and the way Harmon got Chase back for the first ep this season gives me hope.

Yes, his Wikipedia article says, “In 2013, Glover signed on to create a music-themed show for FX titled Atlanta in which he will star, write, and executive produce.”

…one of my favourite bits of Community continuity: (or to put it another way, a very very long set up for a gag almost no-one would notice…three episodes over three seasons)

I liked that Pierce’s lawyer called Abed “A-bed”.

I assume Pierce re-inherited it after Gilbert was killed by a rival kingpin.

Fun Fact: That gag wasn’t planned out from the beginning. Megan Ganz somehow caught that “Beetlejuice” had been uttered twice in the show’s run before she joined the writing staff, and then wrote the “punch line” for the third utterance.

I thought it was one too many episodes where they fight and bicker with each other because of manipulation of Pierce. It mostly made me cringe. But now that they’ve got that out of the way, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.