Community Season 1, Episode 22 Open Spoilers!

There’s usually a thread up by now but I haven’t seen it so I’ll post my own.

This was even funnier than usual I think. I had initially planned on writing down the one-liners but there were way too many of them.

The high school kids were funny at first but then they got a little annoying. Towards the end with the “duh” contest, they were hilarious.

Troy: “I’ll be your Morgan Freeman.”
Abed: “Like in The Bucket List.”
Troy: “What?”

I thought it was an average episode, but the previews for next week’s Matrix episode looks like it could be great.

I loved this episode. Pierce and Shirley’s interactions and their decision to rejoin the group for the sake of the others, as well as Jeff and Britta’s desparate attempts to be cooler than the high school kids, were spot-on for their characters.

Abed’s list and his attempts to complete it were hilarious. The “pantsing” scene was great–especially with the reveal of Abed wearing the hearts underwear he had just referenced.

Also, Pierce sitting down to apologize to the wrong black woman on the bench was perfect.

Also liked the meta-joke at the end where Abed and Troy ponder if the whole movie-cliche/parody thing is being overused, and then a food fight breaks out and we are treated to the “where are they now” closing credits. Great episode!

I swear every week I say I think this was the best one yet. This show just keeps getting better and better.

What are you, a priest?!

throwaway line of the week. that actually should be an ongoing award. community and glee duking it out.

Was that a parody of Animal House? I feel like I’m missing so much since I never saw many of those 80’s movies. Those kids were so obnoxious. I was waiting for some major pwnage that never came. I almost snorted my fries when Jeff and Britta came up with their plan for him to sleep with that punk’s mom though.

Pierce and Shirley’s storyline was nice though.

Best quote: “Why are Jeff and Britta making fun of those retarded kids?”

Also, Britta: Proud Owner of a Used IPod Nano 2014.

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Thank you, Twickster.

… and Leonard on the bass.

It really takes a second viewing to relish all of them. Not much of a story arc but great asides. Lisa Rinna was perfectly cast as an overly plasticized woman.

Really looking forward to next week’s episode. I suspect misdirection of some sort involving …

Jeff and Britta kissing.

I was thinking John Woo style episode… :slight_smile: