Community Season 6 on DVD

Just wanted to mention that the (probably) last season of Community is coming out on DVD this coming week. Might be worth it so that you can watch without dealing with Yahoo Screen. Plus who knows how much longer Yahoo has as a company so it could be taken down at any time. I liked enough episodes of that season to get it (also I have the other 5 seasons on DVD).

I used to be able to watch it on Hulu; I’m assuming this season won’t be available there?

I doubt it. The Hulu seasons were when the show was on NBC. Season 6 was financed directly by Yahoo. But since Yahoo is bleeding money and out of the original programming business, maybe they will license it to Hulu someday.

DVD set has actually been out for a couple weeks. I thought this was its street date, but Amazon sent it to me almost a month ago…

I believe this week is when the DVD set is available through the Netflix DVD-by-mail service. That’s often a few weeks after a title is available for sale.

That’s bizarre. Amazon has the set listed for a March 8, 2016 release.

I just wish they’d start showing season 5 in syndication. It’s been like 2 years, what’s the holdup?

Wow because it said for me that it comes out tomorrow.

I know, I must’ve gotten lucky with a glitch in the system or something. But buy it, it’s great! :smiley: