Companies you've grown to hate because of their adverts.

Not only do they employ a guy who has a face that most people want to punch repeatedly (Michael Winner) but they come up with a horribly annoying catch-phrase “It’s only a commercial” If I hear that sh*t again I might just throw the TV out of the window.
Michael Winner is the kind of shit who think peope should kiss his feet and give him preferential treatment because he’s Michael Winner.


Not that I’ve ever drank it before, but I’ve vowed never to try it because of the horrid, horrid commercial they play in movie theaters, starring the Fantanas…

Most financial planning companies - why do I need to see Andre Agassi’s coach fly fishing? Do I really need to know what a iceberg has to do with planning for my future? ARGH.

TiVo has made it where I really watch commercials, except for CNN in the morning.

But I to hate the Fantanas. Fanta tastes exactly like cabonated jello to me - just too sweet.

Any company that uses the advertising strategy of “You need our product to save you from yourself because you, sir, are a moron.”

“I thought you said ‘Flour the kids’!”

Oh! Oh, yes! Herbal Essences, yes yes yes!

Also, Old Naaaaaaavy.

Y’know, I have no idea who Michael Winner is, being on the wrong side of the pond, so I did a quick Google Image search…and immediately bruised my knuckles. Damn, I want to slug that guy.

ProStaff. Oh man. Anyone who’s heard their singing radio commercials will agree with me on this one. “I work for PROStaff! Everybody knows! I work for PROStaff! Only the pros!”

Excuse me, I have to go bleach my brain now.

Enzyte. I want Bob to go enjoy his new erection and get off my tv.

Quizno’s. Those spongemonkeys permenantly turned me off their subs.

Old Navy.

10 years straight of the most annoying commercials on the face of the earth. You couldn’t PAY me to wear their clothing - I’ve even refused gifts that came from Old Navy.

Speaking of which, does Chilis’ have anything on their menu OTHER than baby back rips? I’ll never find out first hand, cuz once I heard that baby back song for the 500th time, I decided that they’ll never get my business

I gave up television in 1983 mostly because of advertisements. Even though my list would contain mostly radio ads for the portion from '83 on, it would still run for several pages. A very short list inclusive of the most egregious offenders that come to mind:


Procter & Gamble

AFLAC (whatever the hell it might be. insurance?)

Rockaway Bedding

McDonald’s is on the top of the list, of course.

Pepto-Bismol has recently been moving up, thanks to the dancing office workers grabbing their asses.


Coke has some pretty bad ads

I have to agree about Michael Winner . He is the biggest arsehole in existence. Have you ever read his Restaurant column in the Sunday Times ? It is the biggest load of pretentious nonsense going. The stupid thing about the advert for car insurance is that he would probably not get insurance with Esure. They only insure low-risk motorists. Certain jobs and professions are classed as high risk . This includes anyone working in entertainment and the media so that would rule him out .

Ah, yes, Old Navy. As a recapper at TWOP once put it, “Doing ads for Old Navy doesn’t mean your acting career has hit rock bottom; it means it’s hit rock bottom, face down and skidding…”

I actually hear more radio commercials than TV commercials. Here are two winners:

Mercedes. There was a series where a bunch of morons gave each other new Mercedes for birthdays and stuff, or women whined about getting Mercedes as presents. In one a guy bought one for a friend, then one for himself. Sure. Let’s just ignore the pricetag people. Even during the bubble this was ridiculous.

AccounTemps. Permanent employee has been sick, but it is okay since Bob from AccountTemps is there, and is doing a much better job. Sure this is aimed at bosses, but I’d hate to be a temp going into an office where my company’s ads called my coworkers lazy morons.

I’d forgotten about Macdonalds: “I’m lovin’ it” Which dunce at mcdonalds thought that wouldn’t annoy people intensely? Mcdonalds actually make some OK adverts here in the uk (brits, remember the parodies of indian take-aways?) but they always plonk that stupid catch-phrase on the end.

And the “Challenge Everything” kid on electronic arts games. What the f does that mean?!

Lost another one to Ditech!


ING and the “What is that?” commercials.

You beat me to it.

And Discount Tires, the one where they throw the tire through a window. Discount is near our home but we go a good 20 minutes or so further so as not to use them.

You read my mind, those are exactly the commercials I was going to cite! Although I was going to say “singing mutant rats!”

I hate hate hate the Old Navy commercials too, but I still shop there anyway.

Lynn Hickey’s Auto World (local)… or any other auto sales commercial with obnoxious yelling.
Also the gum commercial with the guy saying “Intense? Maybe a little too intense?” The man’s voice is iritating.

People, the problem here is that you are still watching ads on TV. I’ve got three words for you (sort of):


FForward and Rewind are your friend. I never would have known that the openning credits followed by the initial advertizement on some shows is nearly five full minutes long!