Completely Pointless Spambot Name

I leave my Instant Messenger client open overnight so i don’t forget to log back in each morning. Once or twice a week, I come in and find a new request from a spambot wanting to make friends with me for whatever reason they send requests. Usually the names are somewhat porny like “hotbabe4you” or something equally enticing. :rolleyes:

This morning I had a request from someone named “arteriosclerosiscarlota”.

Really? “Arteriosclerosis” is what passes for a come-on these days?

Then I got to thinking what it might be like to chat with her. It would probably sound something like, “Mmmmmm, baby … let’s chat and I’ll make you feel so good your arteries will harden. Yeah, mmmmmmm … you might need a stent!”

It was the best laugh I’ve had in days!