Computer vs Youtube

My computer suddenly stopped playing the music on You Tube videos. There is nothing wrong with its sound system. It sure loudly plays those idiot commercials on news sites. So why doesn’t it play You Tube music any more?

Youtube does strange things once in a while. Start with the easy stuff. Reboot the computer and/or clear your browser’s cache (even if you just have it remove items related to youtube).

Youtube has it’s own volume control- make sure it’s not set to mute.

Thanks, I found the unmute key. My cockatiel must have reset You Tube.

Only one thing in the house can be loud as fuck, and it won’t be that video website!

Trying to figure out how loud fuck is :smiley:

Judging by the people in the hotel room next to ours a few weeks ago - pretty loud.

Cockatiel or cockatoo, whichever one squeals all day.