Condoms with "delayer"... women like it ?

My brother mentioned condoms that have a “delayer”… basically I think it has a mild “anaesthesic” that allows the man to delay his orgasm quite a lot. You could then “pump” away for quite a long time without going off fast.

My first reaction was… will women want their love affairs to go on for long periods ? Is it pleasurable to have a man going on and on ?

I know a lot of men are too fast… but won’t the girls start chafing after a while ? :dubious: Wouldn’t it be better that both “get off” and then take a break ?

My brother also mentioned he had a mild headache the next day after he used this condom… which he atributes to the “delayer” substance. Any medical opinions on this ? Wouldn’t the substance affect the woman too ?

Condoms are rolled up in the package, so the topical anaesthetic is on the outside as well. That means both partners will have decreased sensation. If the goal is to keep going until she has an orgasm, the “delayer” might delay her orgasm, too.

If lack of internal lubrication brings chafing, artificial lubes can help. Lubricated condoms are available, but there isn’t much there.

One school of thought says if there is not enough natural lubrication, the couple needs to spend more time getting her arousal revved up ahead of the plugging-in. On the other hand, natural lubrication varies widely among women, and birth control pills cause dryness in some women.

If you use a lube with a condom, avoid oil-based ones, which will weaken the condom, causing it to break. Two popular water-soluble brands are K-Y Liquid and Astroglide.

I have no info about the headache question.

yes, girls start chafing after a while … and, honestly, it’s really not that pleasurable if all he’s doing is just “pumping” away for quite a long time …

A few minutes is plenty, really, after that I start getting sore. I don’t know about this delaying stuff but I must say the thought of slightly numb genitals isn’t exactly sexy.
Besides, straight intercourse doesn’t push the right buttons for me to get all the way anyway. It’s great, but it’s not gonna do it, no matter how long it goes on.

I pictured the OP using his fingers to make air quotes while reading this paragraph and now I can’t stop laughing.

I wish they had the opposite of a “delayer condom”. I have never been able to climax with them.

See, that’s not the part of the act that’s supposed to go on for an hour. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all tons of fun, but if he’s “pumping” (God that looks wrong) for 20 minutes or more I’m wondering what’s wrong with him.

Try the non-latex variety, like Durex’s Avanti and Trojan’s Supra. They’re made of a different (and much thinner) rubber which does an excellent job of stopping little swimmers. The risk of pregnancy or transmission of venereal disease are not known for the polyurethane condoms, but the material has been proven to stop sperm and virii in laboratory tests.

Anyhow, they’re super-thin, and transmit sensation and temperature far better than latex can – maybe these are what you’re looking for.

A condom can make me Speaker of the House?

1.) Even withiout a “delayer”, you can have vigorous intercourse for long periods of time. Eventually you wear away lubrication and things chafe. This hurts. We speak from experience here. Moderation in all things.

2.) If you are one of those hair-trigger guys who doesn’t want his woman to share his “delayer” anaesthetic, you can get various such things in tubes rather than in the condom, and can apply it before using a normal condom.

Quite so; there are a few women who like that sort of thing, but (AFAIK) the majority simply don’t. I say blame Hollywood for the silly notion that all women want half an hour of vigorous or even violent pumping in place of gentle foreplay, or the equally absurd notion that Only Real Men Do It That Way.

I’ve always enjoyed the “pumping.” Of course, I like to switch positions and stuff, so maybe that helps. I don’t want the guy to be pounding me the entire time, but IMO, I’d rather be having sex than having foreplay. I like enough foreplay to get me revved up, but if I have to wait too long for the dick I get frustrated.

So, 30 min. of pumping sounds good to me.

Thanks for the responses so far… :slight_smile:

I certainly think condoms are “delayers” by and of themselves… they really spoil it for me.

I tried them once. It was difficult to get the thing on (they don’t seem to be very stretchy), and I didn’t notice much a difference. In fact, the damn thing split on me, and it was only after I said, “The hell with it. I can’t feel a damn thing.” and extracted myself to remove it, that I discovered that it had split and was bunched up around the base of my dick. Had to cut the thing off. :eek: YMMV, of course.

Not to brag, but for years I had troubles with condoms. I couldn’t keep it “up” with them on for long. GF at the time suggested “larger” size. That did the trick. To think I had suffered for years!!

Wait a second, I’m confused here…I always thought that the longer a guy was able to keep it up before ejaculating, the better. Is this not the case? Don’t women want their guys to have a bit of staying power during their lovemaking, or is this just a Hollywood myth as well?

I knew you in a past life, I swear to Og.

How you doin’?

Like most things, it’s best in moderation. Pop off after 2 minutes, and she’s not likely to be happy, last for freekin’ ever and she’ll just get sore and think “when the hell is he going to be done?” You’re not filming a porno, you don’t need to last long enough to get video from 3 different angles and 5 different positions.

I used to mess around with a guy that used those “delayer” condoms. I think they were called Extended Pleasure or something equally unassuming.

One day I was at his house and his roommate was absent-mindedly playing with one of the condoms, putting it by his mouth and chewing on it and whatnot. He accidentally tore it open with his teeth and he said it made his mouth numb. So I put my tongue on it and it did indeed make my mouth numb, for quite a long time actually.


And I totally forgot about the little incident and the next time we were getting, um…down and dirty, I went down on him after he had been wearing one of those stupid condoms and GOOD LORD NEVER DO THAT! It felt like I had been to the dentist because my entire mouth and tongue was totally numb.


Thanks raz ! ROFL !