Congratulations to Shayna and Spiny Norman!!!!!

Our beloved Shayna made Spiny Norman the happiest man alive this weekend, and I just wanted to give you all the opportunity to wish them a long LONG life filled with all the happiness their hearts can hold!

For those of you who want details…the weather was glorious, the food was perfecto, the venue was spectacular and the bride looked like a fairy princess. I don’t think I have ever seen a happier couple, or a more beautiful pair, either. I can’t remember a wedding I enjoyed more…Oh, and the flowers were gorgeous, too.

I raise my glass to you, darlings, and wish I could find the words to tell you how very happy I am for you! And thank you for making your wedding weekend so much fun, and including us in your joy.

Much Love,


Congrats to you both!

CONGRATULATIONS!! We want pictures, please. :slight_smile:

Mazel tov

Mazel tov!

Congratulations, Shayna and Spiney. I hope for y’all all the happiness in the world. Shayna, I love you dearly, I can’t wish for more happiness for you. Spiney, you are one of the luckiest men in the world.

Shayna, I guess you are kinda lucky, too.



Phew! I’s bin itchin’ to say summin’…Sounds like a perfect weekend, thanks Scotticher

Congratulations and my fondest wishes to you both for a wonderful life together ! Hurrah !!

And not a bad arse !.. …<but I want to stay, Matron. What do you mean I’ve had enough to drink…>

How’d the Best Man make out…as it were…did he make a speech ?


Congratulations and welcome to the newlywed club, girl! I don’t know how much longer I’ll be allowed in it, but it’s great to have your company.

Love and hugs to you both!

The Best Man was…well, the BEST, naturally! :slight_smile:

And he did indeed make a speech, and a very witty and warm speech at that. As was true of everything all weekend, Coldy’s speech was just perfect!

Congratulations to Shayna and Spiny!

Congratulations, you two.

I wish you all the worlds best.

Well, hot damn!

Wishing you the best.

Congratulations Shayna and Spiny Norman! It was a beautiful wedding and Scotticher is right…everything was perfect. The food, OMG, the food was excellent. It was beautiful day for a wedding and I got to meet Coldfire and a few other dopers.

I’ll take my film to be developed tomorrow so hopefully I can get pictures up this week.

Congratulations, Shayna and Spiny! I’m so happy for you two.

Mazel tov!


Wow, I didn’t even know when the wedlock was to be.

Congrats you two!

Right on!

What techie said. Congratulations!


Great news! Congratulations!

I saw a few posts about the wedding, but didn’t know when it was to be. Congratulations to you both! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Wow. and to think I was sitting behind them with Sassy when it all started…