Congressman Steve King is even stupider than we thought

In an attack on animal protection laws, he said this:

What planet does he live on?

Wow. That’s…not a train of thought, even a stupid one. It’s more like a couple of boxcars and a caboose off the crazy train, sitting on separate sidings.

Yeah, some of his latest books have been terrible.

Wait, sorry, wrong guy. Never mind.

What’s this ‘we’ shit?

Plenty of us already thought Steve King was amazingly stupid. This story is just further confirmation.

Ah, yes. One of the All-Stars of my “Thanks for being on my side, now stop,” list.

The stupidity is truly epic. It’s not ordinary. It’s beyond that.

I’m confused. Does he want the Farm Bill to include a clause against breeding 13yo girls or does he want it to ban watching fights between 13yo girls? Can 13yo girls still fight dogs?

*“Now, I have broken up some dog fights, being around the dogs that we have, and I’ve got a few little marks on me that come from that…”
This guy doesn’t even know where the clue store is. Does he actually think dog fighting is about when the neighbor’s dog comes over for a piece of tail because he didn’t spay muffy? Or did he personally jump into a real dog fighting ring and come out with only “a few little marks.” If it is the latter, then we need to ship his butt over to the war zones!

From a planet called Iowa.

Do they know about this in Iowa?

That only proves he is as stupid as I thought.

can’t… stop… laughing!

You know, this could get some poor pervert in real trouble.

“No, no, this is all legal! A Congressman said so! A member of the United States Congress! You can’t arrest me! Wait–what are you doing?!?”

Dogs are not for fighting, dogs are for blaming farts on.

It gets worse:

Words fail me.

But…but…Obama would have to sign it?..wait, what?..if he signs the bill repealing everything he ever signed, and he’s signing it, then he is repealing it, so everything he ever signed is…oh, fuck this, gimmee a beer.

So he’d introduce a bill that repeals everything that Obama has signed (boy, talk about your omnibus bills) that, assuming it even gets out of committee, onto the floor of the Senate and House, and passed by the House and Senate, might then be placed in front of Obama? He can’t seriously believe this thing would ever have a chance of passing; he’s got to be playing to the hyperconservatives.

Although, given some of the things you hear from that end of the spectrum these days, he might be serious. In which case, I agree with one of the commenters that he’s into full-on Bachmann Tinfoil Overdrive.

I haven’t asked for much in my life, but can I please pick the title of this bill? Pleeeeeeasse?

I dub it “The Congressional Nu-Uh Act of 2012”.

But if Obama doesn’t sign it, he an obstructionist.

All he has to do is say he’d sign it, and then the Senate Republicans will filibuster it.

There’s a joke in here somewhere, and I suspect Rep. King is it.

I think the day he introduces that bill, we’re officially due a refund on his salary. Especially since he’d be canceling all (if any) work he’d done in the past three years.

If he signs it, the bill would be immediately nullified by that very bill. Talk your way outta that one, huh?