Construct your ideal woman/man from celebrity bodies!

Which bits of celebrity bodies would you use to create your ideal man or woman?

My ideal woman would have:

J-Lo’s rear
Winona Ryder’s eyes
Juliette Lewis’s nose
Catherine Zeta Jones’s hair
Cameron Diaz’s legs
Jamie Lee Curtis’s boobs

A little artistic license is allowed, for example I’m thinking of Trading Places (1983) when I think of Jamie Lee Curtis’s boobs!

What would dream woman/man be made from?

Elijah Wood’s eyes
Elijah Wood’s hair
Elijah Wood’s non-ass
Elijah Wood’s hands
Elijah Wood’s smile
Elijah Wood’s tooth gap
Elijah Wood’s dimples
Elijah Wood’s hip bones, elvish tatoo and all

…are we sensing a pattern, or shall I continue?

I’ll save everybody a lot of time here–just give me Nicole Kidman!

Julia Stiles …from the neck up.
Sandra Bullock …her personality.
Tiffani Amber Theissen …from the next down.

Really, the vagina’s the only important thing. And we don’t know much about celebrity vaginas.


Clearly you don’t see a great many movies.

Well, would you look at that … evidently my fiancee has her own IMDB entry.

I’ll take what’s she’s having;)

Colin Farrell’s head, with Brad Pitt’s body (as seen in fight club) and Stewart Townsend’s accent from " All about Adam", nyummy.

Only if you’re willing to share! Perhaps you missed the memo, but KarlGrenze and I have joint “custody” of Elijah Wood :wink:

Salma Hayek… all her parts are perfect.

Is this really such a good idea? I mean, it isn’t exactly working out for Michael Jackson.

Are we limited to parts totalling only one body?


Easy one Jodie Foster Brain and Hall e Berry Body…OMG…

I don’t have a popsicle’s chance in hell anyway. Enjoy. Just–make him happy.

Yes please!

Trent Reznors eyes
Trey Parkers sense of humor
Maynard Keenan’s angst
Trent Reznors whisper
Michael Crawfords singing voice
Stephen Lynch’s smile
Jeff Hardy’s body

Well, perhaps if he’d limit himself to human parts…

malkavia: another NiN fan I see!

I thought I was the only one.