Consumer satisfaction

We hear all the bad stuff in the pit.
Here is some good stuff.
I went yesterday to get my hair re highighted.
It had been 5 months.
I had no money. I was in line at the grocery store and heard this lady talking about hair.
She gave me her number. I called, and she said she’d do it at her home for cheaper than the salon. ($35) a good deal.
Well, she didn’t do the job.
It came out brassy and gold and splotchy.
Great! Now I have to wait longer to fix it.
I called her and told her nicely it looked lousy.
She’s giving me my money back!
I am amazed.
I have had lousy dye jobs before, No one would ever give any money back.
This was nice of her,as I couldn’t prove she ever even did my hair.
Anyone ever actually gotten satisfaction from a merchant?

I do a lot of aftermarket work on cars for my friends and some other kids. But I don’t give money back. Just take exhaust for example. Midas charges like $80 just to weld it on, then there is the cost of hangers, tailpipe, etc. I charge only $20 and if something happens (hanger weld snaps off muffler) I will fix it the same day. I guess I make up the giving money back policy by being “on-call”.
By the way, I’ve only had 2 bad welds on a muffler hanger, nothing serious, no damage to the muffler–that would suck to scrape a $300 exhaust on pavement.

ALso, a month ago, I was on my way home from church. We stopped at the drive thru of the Dairy Queen.
Asked for 2 large chocolate malts.
We drove off. They were vanilla.
I called, and told them, so next week we went back and they gave us 2 large chocolate ones for free.
Very nice.

Not in the same way, but yes.

A few months back, I got a flat tire. Pumped the tire back up, and quickly determined that the valve was bad. Cussed and fumed a bit, and put the donut on. Later that day, I took the tire into a place called Tire Kingdom, explained the problem, and left it to them to fix.
Ten minutes later they’re putting the tire back onto my car (I’d planned to do it myself) and telling me no charge.
Now they’ve got my business for as long as I’m in the area. Granted, the whole job took 15 minutes, start to finish - it didn’t cost them much of anything. But that was just a nice courtesy.

Anyone else find that ironic?

Have you seen those “Sapphire” keychain lights? They’re those blue lights you can see for a mile, 180-degree field, lifetime guarantee. They’re sold in the Herrington and Solutions catalogs, and probably others; they come ina zillion colors, team logos, etc.

Well, the company that makes them, ASP, is in my hometown, about 60 miles from here and near where Mr. S used to work. He got one with his employer’s logo on it as a company freebie. I liked his so much that I ordered one. Unfortunately it had a bad switch and would “strobe” rather than give a continuous light. I didn’t get around to sending it in for replacement until Mr. S dropped his keys and his light got run over by a car. It still worked (!) but the clip broke, so it was useless as a keylight.

I called ASP to confirm the $3 handling charge for my light, and asked about ordering another one directly from them for Mr. S, after explaining what happened to his. They said they’d even replace his light once, even though it wasn’t their fault it broke! As if that weren’t cool enough, I received the replacement lights ONE DAY after returning the broken ones. They even returned my check for the handling charge, AND Mr. S got a new light with the company logo on it! (That was too funny, though, because he got downsized from that job in February and has been trashing T-shirts, hats, etc. with the logo on. So here he was hoping to get a plain light and he got another logo! Oh well.)

So yes, the guarantee on those little lights is for real, and they work great.

This one was relayed to me from my friend Mike. One day he and his dad were walking along the road, when his dad spotted a crescent wrench in the ditch. It was all rusty and looked like it had been there a long time. Mikes’s dad rubbed the handle enough to reveal the maker - Craftsman. He said to Mike: “Come with me son. I want to show you something important.”
They went to the local Sears store and took it up to the counter in the tool department. The clerk there took it and handed over a brand new wrench without batting an eye.

Now that’s integrity!

I once found an empty can in a case of Miller beer. The can was sealed with the little pop thingie and all but empty! I called the toll free number listed on the can (Yes, I read the cans. I also read the stuff on toothpaste tubes, soap labels and hell, all products. Hey, who you calling Rainman?)and told em about it. They took my name and address and I got a coupon for a free case. Thought that was nice of em myself! I mean, nothing like a good free drunk right?

Great idea for a thread.

I’d taken my car into Jiffy Lube for an oil change one time and as usual they came out with their little “We notice you haven’t done blah-blah and it’s recommended you do it at XXXXX miles, would you like us to do it?” Usually I say no but he was mentioning changing the radiator fluid or something and I don’t remember EVER having it done so I say “go ahead” and initial it on the estimate form. When I go to settle up the guy mentions it would only be for the price of the oil change, because he checked the fluids and they didn’t need to be changed after all. You coulda knocked me over with a feather – after I’d approved it and everything how easy would it have been for him to change it anyway, or not change it and SAY he did and still charge me for it?

I tried to write a letter of appreciation to the company but it came back to me. I think the Corporate office moved and they location I went to was using old forms or something. Oh well.

(BTW…does anyone else think the Sears story shows integrity on the part of Sears, but NOT the father? He’s pretty much stealing a wrench, right?)