Contemporary furniture store help

I’m moving into a (slightly) bigger apartment in May (Lake View area, north of Waveland) and I’m looking to furnish it with some stylish, contemporary furniture that doesn’t cost a fortune.

I’ve found Modani to be well worth a look, although their Yelp reviews are very mixed. I’m heading there tomorrow to look at their showroom.

Design within Reach is not within my reach except for maybe one piece. However, I do love the style of their furniture. Their furniture is pretty much the ideal of what I’m looking for, without the $1000 prices and way up.

Other suggestions on places to look, preferably in the area from the loop heading north? I can go to the burbs if the place is worth checking out.

Ideally, I’d like to find a place where I can buy several items, mainly living room and bedroom. Delivery charges add up very quickly, so ideally I can find one or two showrooms I can order from.

Check out Domicile Furniture. We bought a floor sample sectional couch at the Lincolnwood location, and we love it to death and it was reasonable for decent-quality furniture. It would still look brand new 4 years later if not for the cats.

For some reason, Chicago is not very big on contemporary. I had a sofa shipped from Dallas because we didn’t yet have a Bo Concepts store. We do now. Several good places went out of business in the recession.

My top choice is probably Room&Board, and next would be Dania (Lombard or Glencoe), but you might also see some individual pieces at Art Van or Domicile. Crate&Barrel seems to be trending country more than I like. West Elm is worth a look. And don’t forget to look at Affordable Portables and Ikea just in case.

There are also a couple of strange places in Niles and around that import modern furniture from old Eastern Block countries, which have a rather distinctive aesthetic.

I’ve bought stuff from Affordable Portables. Very crowded showroom on Clark Street, but they have a nice range of styles from contemporary through traditional. They deliver, but their warehouse is on Ashland near Diversey, so just renting a truck for a couple hours and shanghaiing a few buddies can save you some bucks.

I’ve also bought nice stuff at Roy’s, which burned to the ground not too long ago. I hear they’ve rebuilt and reopened (still on Sheffield) but haven’t been back since.

And if you know what a cheapskate I am, you can trust that I wouldn’t mention anyplace that wasn’t pretty inexpensive.

CB2 is Crate&Barrel’s hip younger sister.

Pick up a copy of Chicago Home & Garden or CS Interiors and look through the ads.

Also, there are places that advertise on Craigslist, with whole warehouses of stuff (probably from China) out near O’Hare.

I’ve also bought a number of things from Dania Furniture. They have stores in Lombard, Northbrook, and Skokie (that one is branded “Scandinavian Design” but I think has all the same stuff), IIRC.

Contemporary furniture brings a minimalist approach to design with clean lines and soft curves. Here are some examples of contemporary designs:Contemporary is a style decorating and furniture. its hard to describe but its kind of plain but yet nice. its more modern. you can also bring in other types of decorative pieces into it to spice it up.
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