Cool beans! I'm a groupie!

You can all be jealous of me now.

I went to high school with this guy, we even sang in the church choir together for awhile.

Well, on June 4th and 5th his band (which now includes two :eek: guys I dated in H.S.) is opening for th sold out White Stripes shows at The Fillmore in SF.

And I’m on the guest list.

Envy me.

Combine that with the fact that I ALSO went to HS and dated Andre (who was also in a band) from the first season of The Real World and you can almost classify me as a groupie.

My next step is Playboy, baby!

Can I take the pictures?

As long as you don’t splatter me with paint, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhh, Sue? That’s not paint…

You mean, Reigndance?

heh heh …


I know. :rolleyes: We all told him that it sounded like a shampoo rather than a band.

ATTENTION: I feel the need to point out that I didn’t actually have sex with all those guys…lest you think I was a HS harlot. It was after HS that I became the tramp. :smiley: