Cool places you've had sex?

The above thread made me think of this. I’m sure this has been addressed before, though not recently, plus it’s a fun topic.

*On top of a moving camel, in Egypt. One hump or two? I believe it was one. :wink:

*In the cisterns at Masada.

*Banana grove next to the Sea of Galilee.

*Christmas tree farm in Northern Michigan. In the back seat of a '59 Cadillac Sedan de Ville.

*In several semi trucks.

*In the ruins of a Roman fort on the Isle of Skye. It was raining & freezing and howling wind, but it had to be done. I did not have an orgasm that time, I think it was too cold. Plus, there were sheep watching.

*3am, on the front lawn of a Victorian mansion in San Jose that used to be a brothel. I think I had alot of Calvados to drink that night.

gosh, carina, and i thought I had a cool place. a camel?? that must have been fucking (excuse the pun) awesome.

since i am still relatively new at the whole sex thing, i dont have as many cool places.

4 am, in the middle of a snowstorm, in the bleachers overlooking the school’s lacrosse field.

1am-ish, hidden by some shrubs next to a road, clinging to the chainlink fence of an elementary school.
but man…a camel…i feel like such an amature…

Cool places? Quite a few Canadian ice flows and snow banks.

I did a similar thread once :wink:

BTW, for me, the bed always seems like the coolest place. :slight_smile:

Hmmm I can think of some mighty cool places where I’ve done it.

50 yard line of the Ball State University Football Stadium
bleachers of the afformentioned stadium
in my best frieds car… with him 3 feet away
in the conference room in a college dorm
in the lounge of a college dorm
in the music room in a college dorm

If there is one thing I can conclude from this it’s that I’m damn lucky to be a school this year :smiley:

Top level of a parking garage, under the stars, in October.

A ferry crossing the English Channel from Dover to France, on the deck at around 3AM.

You are a truly talented individual if you had sex on the back of a camel! I hate those damned things. But while I was in Egypt…

Had sex at the base of the Sphinx and in the Temple of Luxor. :smiley: [had to be very quiet]

In Greece, at several ruins.

At the radio station where my ex worked. We did it while he was on the air.

There’s more but it’s late and I need to go night night

Damn, you’re some lucky SOBs. I gotta give The Mighty Tiki God the exhibitionist award, though.

My contribution would be the fourth floor bathroom, with the lights off, in a courthouse. I didn’t have sex there (hey, I was 13!), but there was much making out, and that’s gotta count for something, right?

WOO HOO I’ve never actually won anything before. I guess spending $9000+ every year to go to school does have it’s good side effects. I’m just glad I didn’t mention all of the cool places I’ve done it or some of you people would probably think very oddly of me.

*A cemetary. (Both on the ground, and in a car)
*The back floor of the $1.50 movies, by the only entrance to the theater
*Behind a set of lockers at my old high school
*Bathroom at McDonalds
*Next to a dumpster
*my sister’s bed.
*3 different sets of woods
My favorite was probably in a bed too, though. It meant the most to me

Slight hijack – I whacked off in the bathroom of the British Museum.

Sex? What’s that?

Battery City Park, New York City, in the cargo nets in the playground, in the shadow of the WTC. I liked that one so much, we went back and did it again.
Horseneck Beach, MA, on a big rock in the surf in the middle of the day. Tee Hee :slight_smile: By the time we finished, the tide came in, and we were both all wet.
Toys R Us parking lot (started inside, finished outside the car), Caesars Bay, Brooklyn, NY.
Marine Park (both inside and outside a car), Brooklyn, NY.
So many more…
Man, I miss NY.

All at the same time? :wink:

USS Carl Vinson - Air craft carrier.

VA State Capitol Building
Middle of the James River, on a rock, like two iguanas.
Hollywood Cemetery

I’d agree it’s a very good Museum but I’m not sure it’s quite that good.

Hoping you didn’t leave any remains for *posterity *…

Hmmm… I think I lead a boring life… my only non-bedroom forays (and they weren’t necessarily my bedroom or his) were 1. an office with a locked door, 2. a public park at night… and we got caught (big blush), and 3. a car with open windows in a public park at night… and we didn’t get caught.


I’m a big fan of woods, parks, my back stoop hoping my parents don’t wake up and catch him here at three am, pretty much anything outside. I like watching stars and trees and stuff.

Beyond that, the abandoned insane asylum was kinda cool.

I don’t like cars or movie theaters, I’ve done that already and its not half as comfy as other places.