Cool places you've had sex?

LOL! I’ve done that too! - You know those large eroded rocks, just off Bells Isle, in the middle of the James. :wink:

Top floor bedroom of the York Backpackers Hostel, with a glorious view of the Minster. (Male Porpentine: “You mean you were looking out the window the whole time?!?”)

Otherwise, nowhere very exciting … well, except for four or five other rooms at York Backpackers, and another hostel in Glastonbury, and one in Abergavenny, Wales, and two in Manchester. Just call me the British hostel slut.

  1. At a Big Audio Dynamite concert in a park.
  2. On Bayshore Ave in Tampa in the middle of the road late.
  3. The roof of my dorm in college. It was cold and windy, the roof was painful, but it was fun.

Under a jungle gym in Michigan. In February. WRONG. My ass was numb.

In the middle of an amphitheater stage (anyone who knows Richmond…Dogwood Dell. woo hoo!).

Between a shed and a chain link fence…well, sort of ON the cain link fence…in the alley behind my friend’s house. With my friend sitting in a tree 20 feet away (which we didn’t know at the time) and she somehow miraculously didn’t hear us.

On the floor of my mom’s tool shed because we’d started making out in the car and I didn’t want to try to sneak him in the house.

AND…I sucked my husband off in a nursing home parking lot.

I can think of “if only” situations, but those don’t count.

Only thing I can share, really isn’t all that interesting compared to a camel “ride.” There are frequent meeting between myself and another individual at the top of the stair well in the building I where work. We call it the “North Conference Room.”

A cool foggy morning, rural Minnesota, near a waterfall. We were on a blanket spread on the dewy grass, which became irrelevant shortly as the misty spray from the waterfall soaked both us and the blanket. An immature bald eagle was circling overhead for most of it, and right at the climax of the rendezvous, it dove towards the river and came up with a fish. Couldn’t have timed it better if I tried. I mulled over the possible symbolism of that for a while.

A stargazing expedition that ended up in an amorous adventure. Same blanket as before, too.

I keep the blanket in my car so it’s always nearby in case of, uhm, emergency.

USS Puget Sound – Destroyer tender. In the middle of the Mediterranean.


While at Texas A&M University:[ul][li]In one of the electrical engineering labs in the HB Zachry building[]On the third floor balcony of Keathley Hall (it was cold!)[]In the shower between my room and the room next door[/ul]… and other places[/li][ul][li]On top of a sink in a public restroom in a park in Wichita Falls, Texas; we broke the sink out of the wall! Woo-hoo!On the beach at Pulau Putri (AKA “Maxxus Island”) in the Thousand Islands off the coast of Indonesia.[/li][/ul] I have yet to join the Mile High Club, but I figure I have plenty of time for that…

Long time RGMWer and ardent AOLer

Every room of the 2nd floor of the high school where my SO and I worked.

Then, he was moved to a grammer school and we christened about half the place (they had a pretty comfy couch in the teachers’ room)

The swimming pool in my apartment complex. It was in the middle of the afternoon and we were the only ones there. There was a wooden fence around the pool area, but several upper story apartments had a good view if anyone was looking (I don’t imagine anyone was). Luckily for us, no one came into the pool area while we were in action.

Bathroom of an airplane with off-duty flight attendant and again with another girl (and another plane).

Conference room at work (while on the clock).

In a hammock next to a lake in Wisconsin (“Balance, Daniel-son.”)

On a washing machine in a dorm.

Boy, do I feel like a loser now. :frowning:

Cheer up Euty. My most interesting place is…


Hey! You’re an Aggie too? Sweet. What class? (I’m '95)

I always understood the Golf course & the steps of the Systems bldg. to be the exhibitionist places of choice for most students.

Others I know about: Under the stairs in Lechner hall, up in the library late at night, and out in Research Park(yeah, kind of dull, I know).

Hmm…well mostly in my immagination

*On the back seat of a school bus on the way to a Speech tourney (Yes there was someone across the aisle, but we think he was sleeping)

*A public bathroom…people were coming in and out

*My grandparents’ RV (Actually, we did that twice. Both sets of grandparents own an RV)

*The back room of the store I worked in

*My parents’ bed

*My grandparents’ bed

*A camper about 5 feet from my parents’ bedroom window

In the attic of the Johnstown Flood Museum, amid various dusty artifacts of the 19th century.

On a scenic overlook in Colorado, with the lights of Denver spread out at our feet.

In an upstairs room of an Edwardian mansion in North Yorkshire, on Christmas Eve.

In my '54 Buick at a drive-in double feature. For some reason, I can remember that the movies were Death Race 2000 (pre-Rocky Sly Stallone) and Big Bad Mama, with Angie Dickinson and William Shatner! I’m not sure which to be more appalled by: that we might have been set off by watching Death Race, or by Angie and Capt. Kirk romping in the buff.

Not sure how “cool” they were but I found them romantic as hell!

In the backyard in a hammock during a rain/thunderstorm while we could hear the neighbors waiting to get back to their barbeque (I wanted the roof that time but this nagging fear of heights held us on terra firma)
Bent over the back of my cars trunk in a rainstorm…
Hey wait? is it just me or do I really REALLY like rain?

On a desk in the classroom where I taught, with one of my students (no, not during school hours).


p.s. Don’t worry, the students were all older than me!

Aparently they weren’t the only ones…