Cool Tools, or guy toys, whichever

I have my share guy tools. Wrecking bar, 22 oz. framing hammer, 5 lb. mattocks, 20 lb. sledge hammer, RotoZip[sup]TM[/sup], radial arm saw, chainsaw, that sorta stuff.

Well, today was tree pruning day. You see I put in a rose bed. I know, not a big guy thing. But it was a worthy guy project none the less. Anyway, the roses were going to need lots of sun, so the trees had to be pruned. A lot! These are 40 year old fruitless mulberries that have been pruned to grow upward.

[side note]Don’t ever get these trees unless you have lots of tools to maintain them. Or money, of course. [/side note]

So, anyhow, I have my typical guy tool, a 12 foot pruner/saw. After sawing and pruning a few dozen branches, the, also typical, guy thought comes into my head. There’s a better way to do this.

Home Depot[sup]TM[/sup] was calling. I needed a pole saw. Well, the first one I saw was 349 dollars, and 95 cents, of course. Well, I could hire someone to prune my 2 trees for that.

I hung my head and started walking away only to notice an electric pole saw for $89 (and 95 cents).

Hey, I can’t hire anyone for that! I’ll buy it!!

This thing is cool. Not an ‘extreme machine’ or anything, but it sure does prune trees.

I love guy tools and toys.


gee, if Weirddave had gotten a pair and bought that Newell shredder…