Corona, interesting idea but

Not sure folks will buy into it. I’m sure the millennials will think of some good use for them… or not.

Good for Corona, too bad I can’t drink their terrible product but good for them.

I slide this from the Game Room to MPSIMS actually as it is technically a beer, I’ll move it to the Cafe.

Thanks. Funny, I couldn’t decide. But in the end I accidentally put it in the wrong category anyway…

The concept seems awkward. A six pack, 12 pack, a case or even 30 pack are pretty simple to ship and carry shapes. A 10 pack of cans screwed together is pretty long and awkward.

Great, a new drinking game-Poke a few holes in the bottom, pop the tops, screw them together and see how long a beer you can chug.

I dunno, first they give us that damn virus, and now this?


Stupid idea.

That is all.

Yup. You know it’s coming, followed closely by alcohol poisoning.

Viral marketing.

Sounds like a recipe for lots of foaming over beers when opened. If Corona foams.

It will make this a lot easier. But that’s pretty much it.

You can easily screw up a thread about how easy it is to screw up threaded cans.

Uh, that article is from a year and a half ago. I can’t find anything about them since then.

If Corona is really beer for that matter.

This was my first thought its a nice was to double or triple their consumption in the college scene.

If they snapped side to side it would work a lot better, one on top of the other is the worst possible way.