Corrupted Wish Game

The idea is to make a wish, any wish, and the person replying grants the wish but corrupts the outcome of the wish. After corrupting the wish of the person before you, you place your own wish and on an on…

Example… " I wish I was wiser"

Respondent: Wish granted, however, with the instant added wisdom comes an instant 30 years of aging.

Okay, I will go first.

I wish I had a billion dollars.

(Please include the wish you are responding to. Also please try to preview or at least to see if that post has been answered.)

Here you go. 100,000,000,000 bright, shiny pennies.

Oh, by the way. You have to come get them.

I wish I were irresistible to women.

Done! The entire female half of humanity has an irresistible, uncontrollable craving for kunilou flesh. With or without curry sauce.

I wish I were dictator of Earth.

You’re now dictator of Earth – by Roman custom. You get six months to fix up whatever mess caused the people to put you in power, then you get unceremoniously booted out, with no protection. Lots of people dislike what you did and are now gunning for you.

I wish my dad were healthy.

Alright, your dad is now a total and complete fitness freak, and any and every conversation you have with him from now on revolves around exercise routines, protein milkshakes, endless monologues about his last triathalon, and the state of his bowels.

I want a completely honest President of the U.S.

The new President looks around and decides, to show a break from the politicized Justice Department of the Bush years, to make you an example of impartial justice. A team of FBI agents combs through every detail of your past, and you’re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for every misdeed you have ever committed.

I want to have a week of mind-blowing passion at a vacation resort with the actress whom I consider the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ah yes, too bad about that deadly STD you contracted. I wish I were an immortal God with the power to grant myself unlimited incorruptible wishes.

Whoops, I’m sorry. There was a typo in your request. What kind of dog food and breed of mate would you prefer for the rest of time?

My wish is to have humankind live in harmony with the natural world.

Right, we’re back to being chimps. I wish for a healthful and tasty grilled cheese sandwich, maybe with a tomato slice.

Yeah, that was yummy. Thanks.

I wish I had a better job.

Unfortunately, the sandwich appears in your lung and you die instantly.

I wish to be omniscient.

You’re hired as a ditch digger (you didn’t say better than WHOSE job).

Congratulations! Now you know for sure that you were an accident and your birth ruined both your parent’s lives and prospects–and they kinda hate you for it. Also, your spouse is fucking your best friend(s.)

I wish every person on earth would become strongly empathic, such that any pain a person causes another is felt equally by the causer as the causee.

Thanks to the effects of the Golden rule, “What goes around, comes around”, and “six degrees of seperation” all combined, everyone on Earth is now in complete an utter agony.

I wish that healthy food would taste as delicious as unhealthy food.

(Ha! I saw you before you edited!)

All food now tastes bland and boring, and may be sipped through a straw.

I wish was a little bit taller.

Oops! Your wish was granted while you were still wearing your shoes, and now your feet hurt AND you have to replace most of your wardrobe.

I wish everyone could just get along!

Except that everyone gets along a LITTLE too well, humanity engages in an undending global orgy, and civilization collapses.

I wish that all of these wishes had never been made.

…and ta-da! All wishes here have been erased, a Mod has closed the blank thread and now you’re left with nothing to do on a Friday night.

Since the thread is now blank…

I’ll go first,

I wish I could see the future of everyone but me.

Congratulations! You now have an encyclopedic knowledge of the coming destruction of planet Earth by the Vogon constructor fleet. In about three minutes…

I wish I could have a do over from age 15.

POOF! You’re 15 again, but with no memories of the life that you had previously lived, so you make exactly all of the same mistakes all over again.
I wish that whatever my enemies did to me that they would suffer threefold.