Countries represented on the SDMB

I’m trying to compile all of the countries where we have regular posters. I think we’ve got somebody in every state in the U. S., and many all across Canada. One reg is in Puerto Rico. We used to have a reg in Mexico City, but I don’t know what’s happened with him.

Several are in England, including our lonely correspondent on the Isle of Man, and Ireland and there’s at least one in Scotland.

There’s at least one regular poster in Paris, France, several in Germany, a few in the Netherlands, and we have at least one each in Rumania and Hungary. Our outpost in Iceland reports in in an irregular fashion.

We used to have one in Barcelona, Spain, but I haven’t seen him around in a bit.

For the time being, radar ralf is posting from Georgia.

I can think of posters in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And I know I’ve seen posts from Israel - do we have a reg there?

Can’t think of one on the African continent.

We’ve several in India.

We’ve got’em scattered all over Australia and there’s one tireless contributor in New Zealand.

Several report in from Japan, mostly from around Tokyo, I believe. We have at least one in China and we had a couple on Taiwan (don’t know if they’re still around or not) as well as a couple in Hong Kong.

Now that astroboy has moved, is anybody posting from Korea?

I know we’ve got people in Panama, Argentina and Colombia, also.

So, who’d I miss? Can you think of anybody in the rest of Europe? Russia? Africa, perhaps? Other Arab countries? Asia?

I declared a 2’ x 3’ square of land behind my garage the Socialist Republic of Lendevedder. Unfortunately, public services are somewhat non-existant in this nation, so I can’t post from there.

I’m thinking of making a trip over there shortly.

OK! Just spotted a poster who, from registration date and post count appears to be well on the way to becoming a regular, and posts from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Which one?

Actually, I recall a poster around about from Rwanda in Africa.

I posted a couple times from Latvia during the summer but I’m not sure if that counts.

Calm Kiwi I believe.

Norway – flodnak, for one
Sweden – iteki and others
Finland – someone whose screen name I can’t recall

I’m in China–Guangzhou–right now! (But I live in Colorado.) ChinaBoy is in China somewhere–Shanghai, I think.

Chinaguy is in Shanghai, I dunno about ChinaBoy!
green_bladder - in HK.

Anyone else amused by this wording?

I know we have at least a couple people posting from Israel, and one from the West Bank. There was someone posting from Rwanda a while ago, but I haven’t seen him in a while. There are also a couple of African ex-pats - a Moroccan in Florida and a South African in England. Which reminds me, other parts of the UK were represented, so I’ll note that I’ve seen someone posting from Wales (can’t remember who it is, but the location reads “Cardiff, EU”) lately.

Thought so.

Nice wooosh Ice Wolf :smiley:

Singapore too, if this place qualifies as a country. More a city-state.

Hi, Mom! :smiley: (waves at the camera)

Alessan is a regular Israeli, I think.

And i’m just a lurker. :slight_smile:

Hey don’t forget Italy!

Of course it’s a country! Don’t put yourself down. :slight_smile:

I believe there are some contributors from the Caribbean too.

Henry B is Finnish, but I believe he’s living in Siberia at the moment.

Oh, and Tomcat is in the Czech Republic.

What I would find fun would be to get a good sized black and white map in jpg or gif form and paint in all the countries that are represented in black leaving all the remaining ones in brilliant white.

I do that to keep track of what census indexes I’m looking forward to the completion of. It’s more fun then any nerd should rightly have.

You’d probably have to break the maps down by continents. It’s like a coloring book only with purpose.