Country Music Superstar Tim McGraw said WHAT?

from The Advocate online

My jaw literally dropped when I read this. If this is true, then I am really encouraged that widespread, mainstream acceptance is not too far away. Used to be that actors feared playing gay characters thinking they’d be type-cast. Now even non-actor celebrities aren’t afraid of some feared “stigma”.

Being married to Faith Hill probably doesn’t help Tim to be secure in his manhood at all, either. :slight_smile:

Why is that NoClueBoy? I think I’d be quite secure in my manhood if I were married to a POA like that.

Lord Ashtar, I think he meant it in a humourous “opposite meaning” sort of way, thus the smiley at the end.

Ah. Sometimes I am easily confused.

Problem is, everybody does a guest appearance on Will and Grace. I swear the writers of that show never have to write another episode. They can just keep recycling the same plots with a new guest celebrity every week. Eventually we’ll all probably end up on Will and Grace. We’ll be Karen’s long-lost cousins or something.