Yes, folks. county
Aldebaran appears as a logical and polite individual compared to you. The random axon polarizations of the two neurons that comprise your brain have apparently burned through your cardboard myelin sheaths, allowing the shit that permeates every fiber of your being to replace the neurotransmitters.

They say that humans represent a great stride in evolution of life on this planet. Being an evolutionary ecologist, I tend to agree with this view. You, however,are solid proof that evolution is false, as it’s basic tenets are violated since you have evolved
backward into an unrecognizable form.

We must now assume that there is a God, an intelligent designer. Most people believe that God is a loving God. This is obviously false too. God must have been drunk, smoking crack and breaking up with his girlfriend when he created you.

Joseph Goebbels would look at you and say “Boy, you need to have some compassion!” When you aren’t beating people with axe handles or parking in FIRE LANES, you are advocating the physical harm of children.

Your absoutely psychopathic lack of regard for the condition of others is astounding. Benjamin Franklin sadi “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” You must be the hardest working person on the planet. William Hazlit said "There is no one thoroughly despicable. We cannot descend much lower than an idiot; and an idiot has some advantages over a wise man. " You have proved this wrong. There is one person thoroughly despicable. The advantages you must have over a wise man thus are hard to fathom.

Well, I’m ok with your OP…but, about the milk cartons…


What about them?

Personally, I give you high marks for the “milk carton” reference, Ilsa_Lund. :slight_smile:

county is back:

Considering that the two emotional states that you are capable of are Kill and Food, it is unsurprising that you feel this way. I can see, given that you sink in water, that you are unable to comprehend that people should not be allowed in the OR. That being in an “emotional state” does not automatically entitle you free reign in amedical establishment may be beyond your comprehension is obvious. What I can’t reconcile is the fact that you think that animals should merit more compassion than children who are abused at school on a daily basis, and who you think should be caned for speaking out of turn.

Ice Wolf** - Thanks. When I become a G’Doper next Spring, we’ll have to have lunch!

Well, I didn’t advocate the physical harm of children (other than saying that corporal punishment shouldn’t have been removed from schools).

It’s like that Star Trek episode, where the crew of the Enterprise destroys all the androids by acting illogical and non-sensical.

Bizarre. You realise what you’re saying there, right?

Main Entry: 2corporal
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin corporalis, from corpor-, corpus body – more at MIDRIFF
Date: 14th century
2 : of, relating to, or affecting the body <corporal punishment>

A braindead bonobo has a better grasp on reality than you.

Jesus Christ! Because they are children, they shoiuld be subject to horiffic abuse, such that suicide is a leading cause of death? Where you dropped on your head as a baby? Do you posess the slightest shred of compassion?

Those are your words.

My words concern corporal punishment in school…as was used for decades in this country. If you want to equate that with “horrific abuse, such that suicide…” well, go ahead and believe whatever makes you comfortable.

Also, who is that Torcelli and what is a bonobo?

I just have to say that this:

Is classic.

I am agog.

Sure do, I don’t necessarily believe that everything that “hurts” me “harms” me…do you?

I have to say this

made me laugh. It would make a great sig.

So far, every post I’ve read by county has made me shake my head and think “Idiot!”.

Define harm.

Well I don’t care what you are, one thing I am not is a racist.

What in the name of all that is holy are you talking about?

I think county is the one who’s smoking crack.

Honestly county, is english your second language or something? I ask this in seriousness because you seem to have a great deal of difficulty communicating in a clear, concise and coherent manner. Which seems increadibly odd considering this is a written medium, allowing you all the time you need to compose a clear, concise and coherent message. It’s not like you’re being rushed into responding. You’re also responding to things that have never been said.

I always wondered how long it would be before you were pitted. This thread is no shocker.

I am a wog?

6 entries found for harm.
harm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (härm)
Physical or psychological injury or damage.
Wrong; evil.

OK, now you define “sense of humor”