county, my crystal ball’s on the blink, but I’m fairly sure Ilsa’s going to kick your ass. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to attend your own pitting?

Slippery slope here, and yes, I oppose corporal punishment. So, county is saying that because corporal punishment “hurts” but “does not harm”, a parent setting out to hurt a child isn’t causing harm?

No. Still doesn’t gel. And from his answers, he can’t have been out in the world too much, either.

BTW, county – a bruise or other abrasion is physical damage. Thanks for proving the point.

Perhaps ‘stupefied’ would have worked better. Given the stultifyingly inane and vacuous content of county’s contributions, it would not be innapropriate.

Are we friends now? I don’t mind.:wink:

[Honestly county, is english your second language or something? I ask this in seriousness because you seem to have a great deal of difficulty communicating in a clear, concise and coherent manner. Which seems increadibly odd considering this is a written medium, allowing you all the time you need to compose a clear, concise and coherent message. It’s not like you’re being rushed into responding. You’re also responding to things that have never been said.

I think much of the ire generated by my posts is because I am communicating clearly and specifically. What I see is people who fail to accept the "face of the language and “presume and interpret” what I am saying. But I could be wrong.

Much of my work requires written communication, to include argument and I seem to do fine. Of course I am getting paid for that writing.

I have no idea what you are referring to with regard to “responding to things that have never been said.” I am fairly sure that I don’t “hear voices.”

I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to be here for this…still something of a newbie. I’m gone now.

I’m pretty sure county has already been pitted. Well-deserved, I might add.

I get the feeling he’s one of those God-fearin’, union-supportin’, shotgun-wieldin’ good ol’ boys. Corporal punishment is good and change is bad.


Something that you lack indeed. See, one needs at least a diploid set of chromosomes to function as a normal human being. You being a haploid (save for a trisomic 21) offspring of a pig and a goat, higher mental functions such as humor are beyond your grasp. I will repeat that you are so dense that Torricelli could have taken your shit and made a nice barometer out of it.

I will retract my remark about you sinking in water. Singularities cannot sink, and thus any water you fell in would be instantly compacted around you.

I suspect that our communicationally challenged friend here is using the word ‘harm’ to conote something that lasts a significant period of time, so that (for example), a single soft slap on the back of the hand while it may hurt at the moment, is unlikely (barring any other significant issues involved) to cause any realistic harm over time.

so, in the very narrowly defined sense, a single mild instance of corporal punishment may, indeed hurt (momentarily) but may not be likely to actually cause significant harm over time.

I would think that there are studies available to would tend to support or detract from that theory, (and I"m not advocating either position, though I am against corporal punishment in schools on ethical grounds in general); and I’m not certain that other people are making that distinction (ie for many folks something that hurts, even momentarily also harms, alibet briefly or not significantly)

However, I’m not wanting to be in the position of (generally) seen as defending county.

Waah. So what you are saying is, whenever you say something, I must “presume” you are saying something else, and “interpret” it accordingly?

Or maybe I presumed and interpreted this wrong.

To reiterate, waah.

Ilsa, in my mighty, less-than-humble opinion, we never weren’t friends. :wink:

Gotta admit – I’m now a fan of Ilsa_Lund’s eloquence. Glad you’re still around!

I was simply failing to read between the lines of “And while you’re at it, why don’t you keep your silly coding to yourself? This isn’t the Super-Terrific Junior Playtime Coding Practice Hour. It slows down the Board and frankly, makes you look like an ass-nugget that’s barely clinging to the hairs, stinking with all its might, and just begging to be noticed.” then? :wink:

That was for Mr. B. :o

But seriously, let’s bury the proverbial hatchet. (Not, as you undoubtedly wish, in my head)

In some respects, I think banishing corporal punishment is a bad thing. I’m glad they got rid of it in schools, as disciplining my child is my responsibility.

However, if you give your child a swat you can now be charged with child abuse. That’s dumb. I’m not advocating a genuine ass whipping here, guys, but a reminder of who’s in charge when a child does something far out of bounds is a good thing. It worked in my case, anyway. YMMV.

Did you raise your hand? GO SIT IN THE CORNER!

Ilsa, perhaps it was the “preemptive fuck you,” constituting my first pseudo-pitting. ::snif:: :slight_smile:

Well, far before that you said I started categorically pointless threads, was a shameless self bumper and was in general a fucking pest.

Ilsa, I know you are having fun and all, but after skimming through the posts in the linked thread, you went a little overboard when you responded to county.

He offered an opinion; you jumped his shit. He tried to be civil; you threw civility out immediately. And now you pit him so everyone can pile on.

It’s your thread. Have fun. But, while I don’t agree with everything county said in the other thread, I think you were a complete and utter ass.

When his opinion,

constitutes basically the assertion that minors are to be denied human rights, he deserves to be pitted. Civility is beyond county’s abilities. Try actually reading the whole thread, not just skimming.