Covered in Snow - Satelite image of UK

Did anyone else see the satellite image of the UK completely covered in snow from Jan 7th?
I’ve only just seen this via a friend on Facebook. Check the link for the image.

I know it’s not been exactly bad here, at least compared to the weather other dopers experience every winter but I still thought I’d like to share quite a remarkable image.

Impressive picture.

It has been unusually bad for what we’re used to. Any given country is comfortable with its expected weather. If the weather gets out of that country’s comfort zone it copes badly. So weather that might be normal for canadians (because they are used to it) is crippling for Brits.

I live in the Isle of Man which gets a tiny bit of the influence of the Gulf Stream by being in the middle of the Irish Sea. Consequently it’s slightly warmer here than the same level of latitude in England. So it very rarely snows here. But it did recently. Many roads were sheets of ice. Many cars acquired a covering of snow which turned into ice and stayed on the cars for almost a week.

I couldn’t ‘arm’ my car because when it’s this cold the alarm’s electronics are tricked into thinking the alarm battery is low (so an ‘alarm battery is low’ alarm goes off, which is quite loud)

It looks like from the tiny bit showing in the picture, that Ireland next door escaped the snow. France looks snowy.