COVID fraudster picked up at Disneyworld

What are the odds you spot the guy you’re looking for at Disneyworld?. I’m glad this guy was found, anyway.

A million to one? The cop had to be close enough to identify the guy in a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people. Unbelievable luck involved here.

He was one of those criminals who believes that a distinctive, visible tattoo is an aid in a criminal career.

While a distinctive “H” tattooed on his neck may not stand for happiness, a fugitive on the run for a year was captured in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” according to authorities.

from Fugitive captured at Disney World by inspector who signed his arrest warrant which introduces further unlucky coincidence

I’m just imagining the whole thing as a sitcom. “Honey, we took this vacation to get away from work and you find this guy in line for the Butterfly exhibit?” “He was standing right there!”

“A judge in Florida initially ordered Burton’s release with conditions in a detention hearing on Oct. 27, but the decision was overturned.”

How unfair.

A fugitive captured after interstate flight, with expertise in creating a “complex web of identities” could surely be trusted to show up for his trial.