cPanel Host Server Problem - How to Uninstall?

For resaon’s beyond me, I somehow have cPanel WebHosting Software on my computer and cannot use or access “most” search engines. When I try to use Google or Yahoo Search for example, I get taken to a cPanel Page that says “There is no website configured at this address” … I then can click on a small cPanel logo which takes me to a “password pop-up menu” that says “Enter Network Password” and under “Realm” it says “cPanel”. It’s the same for “almost every” search engine - but for some reason I am able to access “Teoma’s” search engine!!! (It’s almost like the others are “locked out” by cPanel … Can anyone tell me how to remove or de-activate this feature or remove cPanel software? I have a Gateway Computer running Win98 on a comcast high speed cable with a Linksys 4-port Router Hub. No other machines on my home ntwrok are having thei trouble. One last thought - I also recencly had the pesky “Xupiter spyware” at the same time, but was able to remove that [no sure if that’s related or not]). Thanks! SCT-Hockeytown

** sct-hockeytown ** it sounds like you may have the QHosts-1 virus.

See this page on McAfee’s website and try the removal instructions.

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll research it s’more.

thanks! what mcafee describes sounds EXACTLY like what i have - i’ll give it a try! thank you!


I tried to follow the McAfee Site’s suggestion - it makes sense … however when I get to steps (3) and (4) - below; I can’t find the registry folder …\Services\Tcpip… There are 19 folders in “Services” … but Tcpip should be between “sonyhcb” and “USB”, but it’s not there (!!!) - Any ideas why or where else I could look … the Q-Host Trojan is supposed to create those registry entries (or edit them), but as best as I can tell from looking at my registry; they’re not there???


(3)Set the following registry key value (Information on editing registry keys ):
Tcpip\Parameters “DataBasePath” = %SystemRoot%

(4) Delete the following registry key value (Information on deleting registry keys ):
Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\windows “r0x”

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!