Crankyasanoldman is definitely going to hell for this!

I posted in Live Journal yesterday about how I had an appointment at the urologists.

And Cranky replied with a story about how she went to her urologist and saw a bunch of men in the waiting room, and she had the admittedly juvenile thought that all of them had something wrong with their pee-pees.

Well, as I was leaving the doctor’s office yesterday, I noticed two nuns in the waiting room. Two elderly nuns. I am scarred forever. “Yes, sister, it burns. You are passing the Devil’s water.”

Thank you so very much, Cranky. They’ve started construction on a whole new, exclusive level of gehenna just for you.

Heh heh heh heh heh.

I don’t think she’s going to burn for that. Heh heh heh heh.

She will if she comes back as a nun’s urethra.

Ah now honey, she was just HELPING!


Some kind of help is the kind of help that helping’s all about.
And some kind of help is the kind of help we all could do without!

Coulda been worse. You coulda been the urologist the two elderly nuns were waiting for…