Criminal Minds- sucks without Emily Prentiss this season!

I’ve been a hardcore Criminal Minds fan for the last five years, but I can’t even get thru a single episode this season! I hate Prentiss being gone and they only made it worse by trying to replace her with Jeanne Tripplehorn!?!? WTF? :confused::frowning:

I definitely miss her–she was one of my favorite characters. I’m not a big Tripplehorn fan either, but I’m hoping her character will grow on me.

The most recent ep did break my heart and make me cry though. Poor Dr. Reid.

Yeah, I miss her, too.

And poor Reid. It’s like the screenwriters have it in for him. All the characters went through some horrible crap, but Reid just can’t get a break.

Not only can he not get a break neither can I. I was so excited when I saw Beth Riesgraf was playing Reid’s girlfriend it eased the pain of Leverage being cancelled and then THEY KILLED HER. Bastards :frowning:

our DVR cut off the very last moment of the episode - so I had some ‘hope’ she had survived (but that the relationship likely did not) - I’m now glad I did not see the ending as it was - I likely would have thrown something at the TV.

Not because I’m a sentimental old coot - (I am at times) - but because I want the good guys to win sometimes - and Reid definitely deserves to win.

(of course, since I want a newer/bigger flatscreen, maybe I should find it on hulu).