Crock flip flops...sharing the love

I bought a pair of these last weekend, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them.

My daughter wants a pair of these… they’re the “it” shoe this year.

But I have a question… what the difference between:

The professional, the beach and the cayman?

Plus, it’s a “professional” at what exactly? :dubious:

From what I can tell the only real difference is the quantity and location of the ventilation holes.

My girlfriend is a barista, on her feet all day. I knew that these were popular with nurses, so I talked her into a pair of aspens since she can’t wear “open-toed” shoes, and apparently the ventilation holes count as “open-toed” to Starbucks. She really likes her’s too.

My feet sweat a good bit, so I doubt I would enjoy any of full models as much as I love my flip flops.

The “beach” or “cayman”, I can’t tell the difference have recently become trendy here. I used to make fun of them, but I got won over. I just don’t like paying 30 bucks for some shoes that are probably made of old shoes.

Can you wear them without socks? Will they make your feet sweaty like jellys? They look like plastic. I want to find a pair of super comfortable sandals to wear to Orlando, where I will be walking all day.

They’re some kind of special space-age rubber, so they don’t make your feet sweat the way you’d think they would. Mine get a little sweaty, but my husband’s don’t at all.


All of you!

I was into the Crocs last year!!!

They’re nice and give support. I highly endorse them, as do my friends, a nurse, and a pediatrician.
…and a crocodile.


I’ve never heard of these! They’re cuuuuuute! I want some.

I want those navy and khaki ones! Hmm… and also the light blue and pearl… oh, and the pearl and turquoise are cute… and some light blue aspens… oooooo, and these…

I’ll be back in a while. Excuse me.

I got mine for Christmas, 2004. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you live wayyyyy out in the sticks, don’t ya? That’s why you’ve never heard of em!


Hey, Seattle is a *very small * city. :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside, I recommend them highly. I need to get me a new pair cause I left mine at home. Gr.