Crocodile Café

Inspired by this thread.

My office is around the corner from the Crocodile Café. I’d planned to go to some shows, but I’d just started the new job and I was working a fairly brutal 4/40 schedule. (Only brutal because I live so far away and I had to get up at 03:45 to get to work by seven.) So the best I could do was lunch. Well, I’ll work out the schedule and then I’ll go. Right? Wrong. The venue closed in December.

But wait! There’s a new owner! Today I snapped two photos. The first one is the iconic sign, and the second one is the liquor license application. Sorry about the poor quality. I was using the camera on my phone and the light was really in a bad angle.

Cool. Now maybe the last owner will pay her late fees . . .

But yeah, when I was working at KEXP and living in Belltown I had some of my alltime great concert experiences at the Croc. Hope it’s half as good as it was before.

KEXP is what I listen to at work, when I don’t have the iPod playing.