cross-linking OP's

I know it is common practice for a thread to start with an OP that is linked to another thread. Is it OK to start two cross-referenced threads?

IOW, I have two closely-related questions about a recent news story. One part of the question is factual, and appropriate to GQ, but the other part is clearly GD material. Should I start two threads, each referencing the other, or one thread?

Wait, forget it, I realized that you can’t do that unless you could predict the post and thread ID’s the server would assign.

I believe that posting on the same topic in more than one forum is frowned upon. If I were you, I’d just stick to GD with your thread.

This is what leads me to believe it could be construed to be cross-posting across forums, universal sufferant – a single news story, spawning two questions, same poster.

What you do is start thread A. Then you start thread B with a link to thread B. Then you run back to thread A and reply with a link to thread B. If you did it quick so as to be the first reply, it would look natural.