Csi (04/16/2009)

Last night’s CSI showed why the original series is still the best. A washed-up actor - who wants to turn a show spoofing Star Trek (Original Flavor) into an show spoofing Battlestar Galactica (New and Improved Toaster) - gets killed, possibly by irate fans. The faux Star Trek scenes were great. I also loved the BSG cameos, especially Ron Moore as a rabid fanboy shouting “You suck!” when all the geeks learn that the victim wants to re-imagine, er - “redux” - their beloved cheesy 1960s scifi show into an edgy postmodern 2000s scifi show (filmed in ShakyCam).

Great execution, but I can’t stand Hodges, so it was a mixed bag. And frankly I can hardly believe whatshername would be attracted to him, unrequited as it may be…

They even threw in some Panda! (That’s the right way to use that term, right? I never got into Enterprise.)

From Hodges flipping open his phone like a TOS communicator to telling Brass, “He’s dead, Jim,” to Wendy and Hodges knowing what the prop was that killed the producer, I loved it. I also agree Wendy + Hodges seemed to come out of left field, and I can only imagine the daydream scenes must have been a bit embarrassing to film, but as a Star Trek fan, I loved it.

They have been hinting at Wendy/Hodges for a while now. Small little moments, but they have been there.

I though the daydream scenes must have been hilarious to film. I wonder how many times they busted up laughing, with the ripped shirts and cheesy dialogue.

Ripped-shirt Hodges with a bad hairpiece always gets the babe!

How many BSG cameos where there? Aside from Ron Moore and Kate Vernon, I definitely saw Grace Park in the crowd. Apparently Rekha Sharma was also there, but I missed her. Anyone else?

Don’t forget the oh-so attractive blood trail from the side of his mouth! :smiley:

Did anyone else find Wendy much more attractive in her lab coat and pony tail than any of the supposedly sexy fantasy outfits?

I felt a little embarrassed for her…like when Lisa Cuddy had to do a stripper pole dance for a House daydream in last season’s finale.

I thought this episode was a riot. I liked seeing Hodges with a personality. You knew the “He’s dead Jim” joke was coming, but it was still funny. Wendy looked fantastic in that skimpy little blue thing and Hodge was hilarious with his poofy hair and very neatly ripped shirt. When Wendy translated the line Hodge said to her at the beginning of the episode, I said “Awwwwww”. It was a fun episode and I think the cast had as much fun with it as I did watching it.

Hey! The guy that played Artemis Bishop in the AstroQuest clip right at the beginning was Joshua Cox, who played Lt. Corwin on Babylon 5.

LT. to Capt. in just (counts on fingers) 15 years. Good for him.


That was a very key moment. Hodges will happily take credit for any good idea, no matter if it was his or not. That he shared credit with Wendy, when Hodges figured out the whole thing on his own, is very telling.

Let’s see, we had nods to Orion slave girls, the episode Gamesters of Triskelion, long earlobes (I guess they didn’t dare do pointed ears), Yeoman Rand, even David the coroner got in on the action (Dammit, I’m a doctor, not a seamstress!) and the Vulcan neck pinch.

What else did I miss?

Personally I love the fact that Hodges is becoming more than the butt of the joke, the weird lab guy, or the guy not good enough to be a CSI

He deserves to have something good happen to him, and Wendy is a very hot good thing.

Way to go CSI

Yeah, I thought this too. The blue slave outfit made her look a lot older than she appears in the lab coat. It may have been the hair styling.

A fun episode. It reminded me of the rabid-Sherlock Holmes fan episode from a few years back, and the one centering on the lab techs where Hodges was trying to develop the role playing game.

As someone who grew up watching the original Star Trek series, nearly every scene had me smiling.

Once again, this episode of CSI has shown me what I’ve been telling people for years – that they have the most creative writing team on television. It is what keeps the show from going stale. You would think they’d run out of ways to tell essentially the same story, but every week is a refreshing surprise.

Wendy and Hodges? Sigh. What someone so drop-dead gorgeous would see in him is perplexing, but I have confidence in the writers to somehow make it believable.

I thought Larry Fishburne was pretty cute as a fan. Of course, he played Morpheus, he can’t be above goofy scifi fandom.