CSI 5/8 (boxed spoilers please)

I really enjoyed this episode; it had lots of good in-jokes and still had a decent mystery to it.

My favorite line: “Beautiful people working in labs solving crimes - there’s a show here!”

I’ve been pretty pleased with the last couple episodes. I think CSI is finally having fun with itself…although it looks like it’s going back to the really intense stuff next week. That’s ok, I’ll watch it anyway.

I liked when they were in the golf cart going through the studio they had the 3 actors from 2 1/2 men out side together. The 2 adults were sitting meekly while the kid was smoking a cigar .

This was an enjoyable episode. There were a lot of self-referential or inside jokes. I thought it was sort of the Trouble with Tribbles episode of CSI. While they have had other fun episodes in the past (the Lab Rats episode comes to mind), I thought this one of the best of the lighter ones.

Great cast! I don’t usually watch CSI, but got hooked in after Survivor. Nice to see Oswald again.

MY favorite line was when Warrick called Catherine and Grissom in to look at the blood stain.
Warrick: “What does this look like to you?”
Grissom (considering for a moment): “A hermaphrodite on rollerskates.”
Catherine: “A puppy.”

I assume you know that Chuck Lorre, the producer of 2 /12 Men co-wrote the episode? This was part of the great writing switch between the two shows.

My favorite reference (and most surprising) was the flashback of Annabelle asking the kid actor to feel herew boobs; that was a reference to an incident on the set of Grace Under Fire, where Brett Butler (who was having drinking/drug problems at the time) made the same request of her young co-star. Grace Under Fire was produced by Chuck Lorre, too. I kind of wonder how much else of Annabelle was based on Brett Butler.

I found this episode really entertaining. It’s not something they’d want to or be able to keep up long term, but it was fun while it lasted.